New Feature Friday: Better Testing & Optimizing with the In-App Campaign Creator

By: Kahuna | May 13, 2016 | Product Features

Few channels carry as much emotional resonance as the in-app experience. And few are as tricky to get right.

The mobile app, and what happens inside of it, represents a huge opportunity for value-driven marketers that are focused on delivering true engagement. Consumers spend 85% of their time on smartphones inside apps, and mobile purchasing will represent .

But capitalizing on this opportunity is something many brands struggle with. One in four mobile apps installed on a consumer’s phone is never used. And even when customers do download and use mobile apps, they delete 80% of them after one use.

The key for marketers is to provide an in-app experience that is rooted in personalization, delivers value at different stages and in the right moments, and responds in real time to the behaviors of individual customers. In the past, this required expensive engineering resources or, at the very least, lots of manual testing and data analysis. In other words, marketers couldn’t move fast enough to meet the needs of the mobile-enabled customer.

This is why we’re rolling out an improved, intuitive In-App Campaign Creator, which marketers can use to easily create beautiful, branded in-app messages that guide and engage their users. We’ve revamped this technology by applying modern machine learning to in-app message delivery in order to ensure the best possible experience, every time.

Kahuna’s In-App Campaign Creator now offers four customizable in-app message templates that are designed to empower marketers to drive action. These include the default notification, modal, slider, and full screen.

If you wanted to send a quick notification that points customers to a recently discounted product, you could choose a slider message that can be quickly read and easily dismissed. But if you wanted to convey the benefits of signing up for a subscription by giving an overview of the subscription tiers available, you may go with a full-screen message that offers the largest amount of real estate for text and visuals. Each format offers customizable calls to actions and deep links, dynamically personalized message content, and audience segmentation based on behavioral characteristics.

Where it gets really interesting is when we apply our patented machine learning capabilities to automate and optimize the message testing process. Only Kahuna allows marketers to automatically test up to five different message copies and formats (e.g., slider vs. full screen) in an automated way. We do this by tracking real-time response data to messages being delivered. As we see one variant performing better, Kahuna automatically scales up the delivery of that message and scale down the delivery of poorly performing variants. This ensures that marketers are able to test and learn quickly. It also enables marketers—without any heavy lifting or internal engineering resources—to deliver the best-performing message variant to the majority of their audience.

At Kahuna, we know how important your app experience is. That’s why we’ve taken this new approach to in-app messaging. With the ability to customize and optimize campaigns on the fly, marketers will now have the power to engage their app users in incredibly personalized and effective ways that are proven to drive higher engagement, revenue, and customer lifetime value.  Your customers get a better experience. You get better results.