New Feature Friday: Campaign Performance Dashboard for Visualizing Digital Response

By: Kahuna | May 20, 2016 | Kahuna, Product Features

You’d be hard pressed not to hear the word “engagement” in the halls of a marketing department. And it’s for good reason. 69% of C-level executives put digital engagement of customers as one of their top three objectives, with 30% citing it as the most important objective their business seeks to achieve, according to McKinsey.

But try presenting your positive “engagement” to an executive, and you’re likely to get a lot of frowning faces. Marketers need to prove effectiveness. And the backbone of effectiveness is clearly understanding how customers respond to your campaigns and messaging.

Digital Response: A measurement for how customers respond to digital marketing measurements such as pressing a push notification or opening and clicking through an email.

The key to understanding if your messages are creating value for customers is to track and measure if your customers are responding to them. We call this a digital response, and our goal is to make it easier for marketers to understand which of their marketing efforts are driving these digital responses.

That’s why we’re introducing the new Kahuna Campaign Performance Dashboard. This dashboard is the first instance of a campaign analytics dashboard that allows you to visualize your audience reach and compare it to the actual audience response over time.

For instance, if you send out a push notification to a subset of your customers, how many of those customers actually opened that message? If you send an email, how many opened or clicked on the link in the body of that message? The answers to these questions should be easy to access.

With the Campaign Performance Dashboard, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact message or experience that is driving the most digital responses over hundreds of campaigns running simultaneously. You’ll be able to see response trends over specific timeframes like day, month or quarter. Armed with this granular detail, marketers can quickly react to the changes they’re seeing in their customer base, and double down on the campaign strategies that are delivering the best experience and driving customers to action.

There’s a lot that goes into the equation for eliciting a response from your customers. At the highest level, it requires marketers to grasp and respond to each customer’s behaviors individually, learning more about what truly motivates them to act, and providing ongoing, personalized value to them. There are a lot of variables that play into getting it right: tone, level or personalization, timing, cadence of messages, and many other elements. To know what levers work for your brand, you need clear, reliable campaign analytics.

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