New Feature Friday: Data Exports That Make Reporting Easy

By: Kahuna | April 22, 2016 | Kahuna, Product Features

Data makes the world go round. And marketing in an era where mobility is the defining characteristic of the customer is as much science as art. So it’s not surprising that 9 out of 10 marketers say that data is important to their overall strategy. (We’d like to know who’s the one marketer that says it isn’t.)

Even as data becomes crucial to guiding strategy and informing performance, access remains a challenge. Marketing organizations will even hire people just to analyze and provide insights that provide a complete picture of the customer and how they respond to marketing efforts. But even this is a struggle. Consider these two stats:

Our goal in life is to make marketers’ lives easier, their campaigns more impactful, and their understanding of each customer holistic. That’s why we added enhanced data exports so value-driven marketers can quickly and easily access insights into both their customers’ engagement and behaviors as well as campaign performance. Every action, engagement state and metric customers track in Kahuna, they can now export on a one-time or recurring basis.

The export feature will help reduce the burden on your team to run reports at a regular cadence. Select as many or as few metrics as you want to see including engagement, unique clicks and opens, purchases, subscriptions, and many more across all digital touchpoints you track. This way you can create a high level report for your executive team and an “in the weeds” report for your peers.


Marketers are able to customize their reports in many other ways, including exporting data on specific customers. For instance, you can assemble a list of customers that have viewed an article but not completed a subscription. Or pull together conversion campaigns that produced revenue in the past month. Customizing reports that speak to the value your team is providing is available even without access to a data scientist.


Kahuna continues to offer data transfer via API, but now we’re making it simple for marketing teams to access their data without drawing on technical resources. Our goal is not only to make your data more accessible, but easier to apply at a strategic level. Data exports is yet another step in delivering ease, accessibility and insight for the marketer.
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