On-demand Webinar: Optimizing The User Journey Through Attribution & Re-engagement

By: Kahuna | June 2, 2015 | Webinar

The mobile app market is already fiercely competitive and it’s only going to get more heated. You need a data-driven strategy to ensure that you’re delivering the best experience along each step of the new omni-channel customer journey. We provide actionable insights on how to achieve this in our webinar, Optimizing The User Journey Through Attribution & Re-engagement.

Jennifer Wong, VP of Marketing at TUNE, and Kyle Williams, Head of Global Accounts at Kahuna, give you an exclusive look at how top brands are leveraging the right data to acquire and retain high-value users. TUNE is the most widely adopted solution to measure mobile marketing performance, and it’s trusted by top brands including Alaska Airlines, Sephora, Supercell, Uber, and more.

Today’s mobile leaders need to optimize the entire customer journey, from acquisition to onboarding to nurturing. In this webinar, Jennifer and Kyle cover:

  • Proven methods for single and multi-touch attribution
  • Strategies for tracking the right data to segment your users
  • Best practices for leveraging push notifications for re-engagement
  • Lessons from real app examples and results.