Overheard at GrowFashion: Best Practices for Mobile Retailers

By: Kahuna | July 24, 2014 | Growth Marketing
Mobile retailers

GrowFashion brought together hundreds of fashion brands to New York City last week to discuss the top trends in modern retail. The conference focused on tactics and strategies driving growth at today’s top e-commerce companies, and the topic of mobile was king.

How do you engage your shoppers in an omni-channel world? How can retailers turn mobile into a major revenue generator by inspiring cart fulfillment and brand loyalty? Kahuna CEO Adam Marchick spoke on the power of mobile marketing automation with some of the most sophisticated minds in the business. Smart fashion brands are focused on crafting an intelligent mobile strategy – here are some of the valuable insights discussed.

  • While mobile is a great way to inspire brand loyalty, it is also a huge revenue generator. Some retailers generate up to 40% of their revenue using dynamic mobile apps and push notification strategies. Mobile commerce isn’t cannibalizing other sales channels. The pie is just getting larger.
  • Mobile makes it easy to go from passion to purchase, and it’s the preferred shopping experience for a large portion of shoppers. Retailers that are not mobile focused are missing out on this opportunity.
  • A mobile app is more than just a tool for purchasing, it is an integral part of the shopping experience as a whole, and can revolutionize how people discover products.
  • Shoppers behave differently on mobile than on they do on web; thinking about the two channels in the same way is a huge mistake. Convenience is king, and you’ve got to streamline the path to purchase.
  • Mobile is special because you can communicate with your customers in real-time, so you need to make sure you’re having unique and personalized conversations with every shopper.  Message users by engagement state and leverage recency, affinity, and context to get best response. Every user should receive a message that is unique to them.
  • Push notifications are a great way to communicate with your core customer base.  A great push performs 5x better than a great email. Retailers doing push right are seeing notifications convert to purchase at a 5% rate, much higher than any other channel.

It’s clear to see that the innovation around mobile retail has just begun. If you thought that web browsing made a big impact on the retail landscape, just wait and see what happens when the mobile channel is fully developed.