Paddy Power’s World Cup Win

By: Kahuna | July 23, 2014 | Campaign Strategy, Customer Spotlight, Growth Marketing
Paddy's Power World Cup Win

How do the world’s most innovative apps capitalize on world wide sporting events to drive mobile business? It’s all about inspiring users with compelling offers in real-time. Paddy Power, a UK-based betting service, understands the importance of user engagement and delight on mobile – two principles that drove the development of their World Cup-specific mobile betting app.  With the app launched just before the games, Paddy Power had only a few days to onboard and engage their new users effectively. Their creativity and speed was rewarded with skyrocketing engagement rates and revenue on mobile.

The End Goal

Mobile is an extremely important channel for Paddy Power, and they knew they had to do something truly innovative with their push notification strategy to make the most of the World Cup, which radically changed the face of mobile marketing. They set out to acquire new sports betting enthusiasts and increase the value and volume of bets, creating a comprehensive push notification strategy in order to achieve these business goals. The World Cup is a tremendous opportunity to communicate with users about real-time events that are sure to capture immediate attention and motivate fans. In addition, the emotional nature of sporting events offer the potential for high engagement levels and referred brand loyalty. Push notifications are the perfect communications channel for this kind of immediate and personal communication.

The Play-By-Play

Paddy Power focused on push notification campaigns that capitalized on the excitement of the World Cup, referencing specific events within the games, and offering exclusive promotions based upon those events. But their creativity went deeper than the message itself; Paddy Power employed Kahuna’s segmentation capabilities to target specific groups of users, and used goal-tracking features to measure exactly how much impact each campaign had. Here are the some of the secrets behind Paddy Power’s World Cup success:

Paddy Power used innovative real-time promotions to motivate betting on their World Cup mobile app. For example, they sent all users that had not placed a bet yet a push notification that read “Would you like a free bet? Place 5 bets through our World Cup app and you’ll get one. Simple! Bet now.” This was one of the first campaigns that Paddy Power ran for the World Cup, and it helped engage over 1,000 users and drive up the amount of bets placed.

The Final Score

Beyond the success of real-time promotional push notifications, Paddy Power also innovated around segmentation and goal-tracking, enabled by Kahuna. In order to send the perfect push notifications to their users, Paddy Power used Kahuna’s platform to analyze each user’s stage in the betting process, and messaged them according to whether or not users had placed a bet or entered predictions yet. For example, for the Quarter Finals, Paddy Power divided their user base into four distinct groups and sent specific messages to each segment. This careful segmentation and personalized messaging drove engagement rates up to 37%.

Paddy Power used Kahuna to track specific goals for each campaign in order to measure the exact results of each push message sent, allowing them to pinpoint exactly what strategies worked best. They found that messaging users that had entered predictions but not bets resulted in an unprecedented level of conversions.

Paddy Power saw a huge win during the World Cup through creative use of real-time promotions, hyper-targeting, and goal tracking. Kahuna empowered Paddy Power to take an innovative approach to their push messaging strategy and to take full advantage of the World Cup.