Kahuna Presents Video Series – Sharetribe – Empowering Anyone to Build a Marketplace

By: Jeff Nolan | October 22, 2018 | Marketplaces

Juho Makkonen, Founder and CEO of Sharetribe, sat down with me for a 15 minute conversation covering marketplace health metrics, payment processing, common mistakes learned from early stage marketplaces, and best practices for onboarding new buyers and sellers.

Sharetribe is a fully-managed hosted marketplace platform that is also offered as an open-source version which can be self-hosted by customers. Sharetribe features essential functionality such as escrow support, a white label design, mobile friendly pages, and granular user permissions.

I really enjoyed chatting with Juho. He is a legitimate pioneer in the marketplace platform sector and his knowledge of customers, use cases, and learnings is encyclopedic. I hope you enjoy the replay as much as I enjoyed recording it live.

In this video, Juho and myself touch on a variety of topics such as:

  • The ideal ratio of buyers to sellers within a marketplace
  • The most important things to consider when onboarding new buyers and sellers into your marketplace
  • Processing payments across borders
  • Handling the common dynamic of sellers becoming buyers and vice versa
  • The one most common mistake most marketplace operators make, that often causes them to fail


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Author: Jeff Nolan

Jeff Nolan is a proven Bay Area based marketing executive with a track record of transforming marketing teams and strategy in enterprise software growth companies. Jeff leads the marketing team at Kahuna, which includes the four corners of successful marketing teams: content, product marketing, demand, and brand.

With extensive experience in security technology and CRM companies, and a founding partner at SAP Ventures, the venture capital affiliate of SAP AG, Jeff is well-equipped to manage the complex tactical and strategic marketing challenges facing companies today.

Fun fact:

Bay Area native, Jeff lives with his family on the mid-Peninsula where he has transformed his home into an urban farm featuring gardens, orchards, chickens, and a thriving beekeeping operation.

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