Resource: The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation

By: Kahuna | February 5, 2015 | Marketplaces

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation
Mobile marketing automation is the technology that allows mobile-focused companies to automate, personalize, and measure mobile marketing activities so they can efficiently increase revenue and user engagement while improving user experience. It’s about understanding customers at a personal level and sending them messages they want to receive. By tracking customer behavior across a number of dimensions, mobile marketing automation helps brands deliver the right messages at the right time to the right person.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of mobile marketing automation and how you can apply it to your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve recently released The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation, a 65+ page roadmap for teams who want to engage their users with smarter mobile messaging. This guide will answer the following questions and more:

Why is mobile marketing automation important?

We live in a mobile-first world. With 38% of global web traffic coming from mobile, brands are scrambling to stay relevant, launching mobile apps with never-before-seen speed and popularity. User installs is no longer the most relevant metric of app success as an overwhelming number of apps clamor for user attention. In a competitive mobile landscape, keeping users engaged is key to a successful mobile app strategy. To gain the loyalty and devotion of customers, brands must speak to customers across devices and platforms and continually create a better user experience.

How does mobile marketing automation work?

What time of the day does your customer want to receive a push notification? What do your users want to receive information about? Which customers want to hear from your brand and how often? Mobile marketing automation tools capture and store data about individual users in real-time across different devices they own, using that information to help your brand send personalized messages to the right users at optimal times. At the same time, they have reporting capabilities that enable marketers to test different campaigns and improve results. Our studies show that mobile marketing automation significantly increases user retention, user engagement, and revenue.

What specifically can mobile marketing automation systems do?

  • Understand people across devices and platforms
  • Help you send messages personalized by location, time, behavior, preferences, and device
  • Target very specific segments of users
  • Personalize every message sent as apart of one campaign
  • Test variations of messages
  • Track important metrics such as engagement and app uninstalls
  • Figure out which channels your users are most responsive to
  • Protect against over-messaging
  • Increase user lifetime value and mobile ROI

Brimming over with questions? Find the answers to them here: Download The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation to kickstart your journey into the wonderful world of mobile marketing automation.