The Personalization Revolution — Kahuna’s CEO on Parse Shutting Down

By: Adam Marchick | January 28, 2016 | Kahuna
Then and Now

Big news comes fast in the mobile world. Today’s announcement from Parse that the service will be shutting down is another example of how quickly our market changes.

But even more important is the larger market shift it signifies: The evolution from batch-and-blast messaging to personalized customer experiences.

That’s not to say this is the first sign. Creating unique experiences tailored to the individual customer’s context has been on the mind of marketers for a while. The spray-and-pray era has been eroding for some time now. Yet, many brands have not yet made the migration from intrusive marketing to informative communication. Today’s news signals that the timeline to make that transition is accelerating.

Just consider these facts:

  • Your competitors are striving for it: 75% of marketers are prioritizing personalization technology for 2016.
  • Your customers want it: 62% of consumers have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.
  • It drives real, bottom line benefits: Personalized messaging drives a 6x higher engagement rate than generic messaging.

Knowing this, why hasn’t the entire market shifted? Put simply, change feels hard. Brands need to ingest huge amounts of data, be able to make sense of it in real time, and provide automatic optimization along every step of the way.

But the rewards are worth it. Kahuna was built upon the principle of making it easier for marketers to create rewarding, personalized experiences that excite rather than annoy; that entice rather than overwhelm; that creates advocates rather than avoidance. We’ve built the only platform designed from day one around understanding, engaging and optimizing for the individual, putting 1:1 marketing in reach for our customers.

We’d love to help make this transition easy for your brand. Our team is ready to enable you to build personalized customer journeys for your users.

Want to take your messaging to the next level? Let me know how I can help.


Adam Marchick, CEO



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