The Struggle for Smart Segmentation [infographic]

By: Kahuna | December 11, 2015 | Growth Marketing, Infographic, Kahuna
Marketers struggle for smart segmentation

More than 7 billion push notifications are sent just through iOS every single day. 205 billion emails are sent and received every 24 hours. At Kahuna we track over 500 million actions consumers take a day.

The issue isn’t data. It’s finding the story in the data.

Consumers are bombarded with messaging—by a seemingly neverending run of ads on the media they consume, surrounding them along the streets they walk and drive, and even in the small devices they carry to connect with people and access information. Standing out is no longer about being louder. It’s about understanding the consumer at a personal level.

Brands get this. Which is why so many marketers talk about personalization. And it’s not just talk. Personalization can deliver 5X to 8X the return on marketing spend.

Personalization and segmentation are tied at the hip, and brands are struggling to make both happen across their marketing efforts. Segmentation strategies are often too simple to be effective. The technology marketers leverage is outdated for the mobile era, and while many collect behavioral data, they can’t get at the holy grail: understanding and segmenting based on actual customer affinity.

The struggle for smart segmentation is real. In this infographic, we detail why segmentation and personalization is not a nice-to-have but a must, the returns from moving beyond overly simple segmentation, and what’s holding marketers back.

Check out and share the infographic below. Click through for the full-sized image!

Smart segmentation is still a major challenge