By: Kahuna | January 5, 2014 | Customer Spotlight

“With Kahuna, we have increased our monthly engaged mobile users by 21% in the past month alone.” – Lauren Miller, Senior Director of Marketing, thredUP 

How does thredUP use Kahuna? To create the most personalized mobile shopping experience possible. Kahuna automatically delivers tailored messages to shoppers based on their past pur- chase history and preferred time to engage. Since using Kahuna, thredUP has seen a 50% increase in mobile revenue.

“We want every shopper to feel special. Kahuna makes it easy.”

ThredUP uses Kahuna to send brand-affinity messages as well as merchandise alerts. “If there is new J. Crew merchandise available, Kahuna messages the right customers at their preferred time to shop,” explains Lauren.


“Kahuna makes push messaging much easier than email. It takes a fraction of the time to set up a Kahuna campaign and see results.” 

Kahuna was built for the adaptive, creative and busy marketer. Identify the mobile segments you want to engage, and set up automated, trigger and/or one-time campaigns that drive mobile revenue.


  1. Identify the segment you want to reach. Filter by engagement level, actions taken and/or relevant demographic information.
  2. Write your copy (try up to 5 messages + control group to see which performs best)
  3. Set a goal. Track purchases, registrations, social shares, cart additions and more.
  4. Optimize quickly. See something working? Replicate, tweak and watch Kahuna automatically tell you the results in real-time.


In 2013, thredUP integrated the Kahuna Engagement Engine in under an hour. Within 2 weeks, they had amassed enough behavioral data to begin framing their strategy. The foundation was Kahuna’s Dashboard – which provided a visceral real-time look at engagement trends and areas of opportunity.

The first step was identifying key user segments on the buyer and seller side and seperating them by engagement level and position within the purchase/sell flow. After a kickoff call and some strategic insights from their Kauna Account Manager, Amelia, the thredUP team began iteratively delivering automated mobile engagement campaigns to turn installs into engaged users.

By unifying web, iOS and Android native app history into each user profile, the thredUP team could easily identify how engagement rate and conversion trended across platforms and adjust their approach accordingly. “It takes 5 minutes or less to set up a Kahuna campaign. Changing message copy is even easier” says Lauren.

Quick identification of what influenced the engagement rate of both lapsed and highly engaged customer enabled Lauren and her team to optimize messaging in time for the holiday season.

By December, mobile contributed to over 50% of thredUP’s revenue.

“We use Kahuna to quickly optimize and identify what mobile messages truly drive revenue. Open-rate is not our most significant metric.” 

Each campaign created by the thredUP involved rigorous A/B testing, made easier with Kahuna’s A-E push message options that automatically sends up to 5 different copy versions to the target customer group.

Kahuna’s real-time reports identified how many purchases resulted from each personalized campaign message, on each platform.

In addition to adjusting copy, thredUP was able to adjust shopper incentives and promotion codes to maximize buyer engagement and improve their bottom line.

Lauren and her team were not working alone. Their trusted advisor, Amelia, Lead Strategist at Kahuna was able to help them devise messages and segments that would positively impact their mobile business.

“We love working with Kahuna because they are a true partner. Kahuna helped us create our mobile marketing automation strategy. My push messaging strategy is way ahead of where email marketing is. Without a doubt, Kahuna offers more guidance than we’d get from anyone else.”