What I learned from Brett Goldberg, co-founder of TickPick

By: Jeff Nolan | November 26, 2018 | Marketplaces

TickPick Co-Founder Brett Goldberg joined me on a video call to share the founding story of ticket marketplace TickPick along with insights learned over their growth journey. I really enjoyed this conversation and think you will too.

TickPick is an online ticket marketplace and one of the things I really wanted to know from Brett was how you stand out in a crowded and competitive market. It’s easy to blurt out “customer experience!” when asked a question like that but Brett went a step further in explaining how ticketing, fees, and seat quality go a long way to delivering on the promise of customer experience.

This was the part that got me really interested. An event ticket is not a fungible commodity product, it has a date and time with a seat number that means there is just one of everything sold. With sellers listing products across multiple ticket marketplaces, how do you manage inventory? Brett shares that secret in this interview.

Brett’s conversation is extremely insightful on many other questions, such as how ticket marketplaces have similar dynamics to financial markets. It really illustrates the point that marketplace platform operators need to keep an eye out for learnings from a variety of sources.

Here’s a sample of what we talked about and it is hard to imagine we fit this into a 15 minute call!

  • Scaling the marketplace platform to fit predictable and unexpected spikes in transaction volume
  • The dynamics of sellers turning into buyers and vice versa
  • Leveraging personalized communications to reduce cart abandonment and buyer/seller dormancy



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Author: Jeff Nolan

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