Top 10 Mobile Growth Marketing Facts You Need To Know

By: Kahuna | July 30, 2014 | Growth Marketing

Mobile Analytics
90% of app downloads will generate zero revenue without a growth marketing plan. The good news is that consumers will engage with your mobile app if you intelligently market to them. Data from Kahuna and other industry leaders reveals important insights about mobile growth marketing.


Here are the Top 10 Growth Marketing Facts you need to know:

  1. Smartphone owners WANT notifications. 67% of smartphone owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts or calls — even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating, according to Pew Research.
  2. The average US smartphone consumer has installed 33 mobile apps, as shown by research done by Google. Mobile companies need a great product and spot-on marketing to cut through the clutter and become a highly used, everyday app.
  3. 92% of mobile shopping app users want to be alerted if retailers are having sales, according to Latitude Research. Push messages are the best way to communicate important information, since consumers have their phones with them at all times.
  4. Push beats email by driving 5 times more in app activity. Well-designed, personalized push messages drive users directly to the app and to the action desired by the marketer, providing a tremendous boost to engagement.*
  5. A smart, post-download marketing strategy is required to engage and monetize mobile users. A personalized push notification strategy can increase app engagement by an average of 36%.*
  6. Personalization always wins. A push strategy that takes into account the user’s device and time of day preference has been shown to result in 500% engagement uplift from a generic, spam-like push strategy.*
  7. Deep linking can improve conversion by 200%+. Push messages that drive users into an app’s main page won’t perform anywhere near as well as sending them into the most relevant app page that matches the message and has the perfect call to action.*
  8. Mobile revenue is projected to reach $700 billion by 2017, increasing by more than 300%.
  9. 50% of consumers spend over 30 minutes a day shopping on mobile, according to the 2013 Netbiscuits People’s Web Report.
  10. Digital marketing leaders expect to see push notifications become an integral part of any direct marketing and relationship program, according to research done by


Smart digital marketers are realizing that push marketing is the natural evolution of targeted marketing. First there was direct mail. Marketing then became more interactive and personalized with email marketing. Today, personalized marketing has reached new heights – your consumers interacting with your brand at their fingertips.

Mobile marketing is changing rapidly. A strong marketing technology partner can help mobile brands keep up with the latest mobile marketing innovations to engage and retain users.


* from Kahuna anonymized data