Guide: Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Retail and E-Commerce

By: Kahuna | April 22, 2015 | Campaign Strategy, Growth Marketing, Push Notifications
Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Retail & E-Commerce

Mobile is a platform that no retail or e-commerce brand can afford to ignore. As of 2014, mobile accounted for more than half of all e-commerce traffic. More shoppers than ever are turning to mobile for personalized, contextual, and memorable shopping experiences.

Push notifications can be a catalyst for e-commerce customers to complete valuable actions that lead to higher retention, conversion, and lifetime value. In our new Best Practice guide, we’ll share with you the Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Retail & E-Commerce, insights gathered from our work with some of the savviest e-commerce brands, including and HotelTonight.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Encourage users to complete key actions that help your brand gather data about their preferences and price points, so that you can personalize your messaging, send relevant offers, and nurture your top users
  • Convince customers to co-create great shopping experiences that inspire them and help them remember your brand
  • Nudge customers who have shown high purchase intent toward conversion
  • Take advantage of the location-based aspect of mobile to send relevant, contextual messages that drive customers to conversion
  • Reward your most dedicated users and build their enthusiasm for your brand
  • Re-engage customers who have dropped off with incentives

Mobile brings new opportunities for e-commerce brands to gather a wealth of information about shoppers, give them memorable shopping experiences, and deliver mobile moments that “wow.” Download our Best Practice Guide: Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Retail & E-Commerce, to start leveraging push notifications to delight shoppers while driving purchases. 

Best Practice: Top 7 Push Notification Campaigns for Retail & E-CommerceTop 7 Push: Retail & E-Commerce

Get insights from the push notification campaigns of some of the savviest retail and e-commerce brands.