[Webinar] How Behavioral Analytics Inform Mobile Marketing Campaigns

By: Kahuna | October 15, 2015 | Webinar
Webinar: Kahuna, Amplitude

Successful brands know that guesswork has no place in the modern, data-rich landscape. Today’s leaders must use a data-driven approach to ensure they’re delivering the best experience to their customers, across all channels and devices.

In our upcoming webinar, “Insights to Action: Inform Your Engagement Marketing Strategy with Behavioral Analytics,” on Thursday Oct. 22 at 10am PT / 1pm ET, Kahuna’s Doug Roberge and Amplitude Head of Product Justin Bauer will discuss how winning brands are leveraging their product data to inform mobile marketing strategies.

Ultimately, product analytics helps mobile marketers better understand users. This information is vital for shaping campaigns to establish a holistic marketing strategy that delivers a seamless and consistent experience across multiple channels.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Using analytics to uncover who you should include in engagement campaigns and what behaviors you should drive users toward
  • Identifying “a-ha” moments and taking actions on them
  • The importance of an iterative loop of analytics, engagement marketing, and product improvements to drive maximal growth.

Amplitude provides mobile analytics that helps companies leverage data to create explosive user growth. Kahuna is a pioneer in communication automation, dedicated to empowering businesses to grow and thrive in the mobile era. Both companies have worked with brands of all sizes to rethink mobile engagement in order to drive better results.

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