[Webinar]: How To Keep Your Users Coming Back For More

By: Kahuna | October 27, 2014 | Customer Spotlight, Mobile Marketing, Webinar

Webinar Details:

Thursday, 10/30

10 am Pacific Time, 1 pm Eastern Time


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Engagement and retention are two major challenges faced by today’s mobile app teams. Less than 40% of users are still using an app one month after they download.* There’s a growing need to focus on optimizing these stages of the user lifecycle to ensure your app’s long-term success.

During this live webinar, you’ll hear from experts at Kahuna and Optimizely, and get an exclusive look at how successful teams build apps that keep users coming back for more. 


Register today to learn more about:

  • Actionable ways to tackle major challenges faced by mobile app developers, product managers, and marketers
  • Strategies for engaging and retaining your mobile app users
  • Best practices for optimizing any category of app
  • Real app optimization examples and results


Meet the presenters:

 Chris Iremonger:

Chris leads the Customer Success team at Kahuna, specializing in mobile engagement marketing and retention. Before Kahuna, Chris spent nine years at Google, most recently as Head of Deployment for Google for Work. During this webinar, Chris will share how push notifications can be used to enhance the mobile app experience and increase user engagement.

 Becca Linquist:

Becca is on the Mobile Sales team at Optimizely. She works with mobile teams to develop a testing culture and build a successful testing strategy. When she’s not optimizing, she bakes a mean apple turnover. During this webinar, Becca will share the top techniques for mobile app optimization.

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*Source: Flurry