5 Quotes That Explain What “Customer Experience” Means for the Marketer

By: Sesame Mish | August 24, 2017 | B2C Marketing, Personalization

“Customer experience” is one of those terms that we hear a lot about. The problem is that it can mean so many things to so many people—does it mean “appealing in-store display & set-up” or “very user-friendly web site” or even “great call-center service”? The answer is, all the above…and more. Adding to this is the fact that marketers in particular have been pulled into the customer experience conversation in recent times, questioning whether they “own” the customer experience and if so, what they should be doing differently to create a better one.

Let’s simplify this now. Marketers should look at the monstrosity that is “customer experience” through the lens of: How can I deliver more personalized communications to my consumers in order to create the strongest brand-consumer relationships possible? Consumers today have a vast choice of options and brands, and with that, comes higher expectations for receiving (only) personalized, timely, and contextual communications that truly resonate with them. It’s up to marketers to prioritize and deliver this…and to implement the necessary strategies and technologies to do so.

So, let’s turn the notion of “customer experience” upside down. Check out what these 5 industry thought leaders have to say about how marketers can give their customers the best experience possible by focusing on communicating with them in relevant & meaningful ways:


1. Shep Hyken, NYT Bestselling Author and Speaker on Customer Experience

“Technology, personalization, and innovation are hot topics in customer service and CX. It’s easy to get caught up with the new or next “shiny object.” The point is that it all has to be relevant and valuable for not only the business but also for the customer. Before considering the latest in technology and innovation, take a hard look as to the impact on the customer. Will it reduce friction, save time, be more convenient or create a better experience? If you can answer yes to any and all of those, then it deserves worthy consideration.”



2. Ross Quintana, Founder, Influencer, and Analyst at Social Magnets

“The days of serving your customers the messages you want are over. Businesses have to start anticipating what their customers want, and serve it to them when they will want it the most. Data on your customers is no longer something you have to ask for or imagine, it is everywhere. With the help of technology we can now deliver customer value in a way we have never been able to before. Being a data-driven business will be the new barrier of entry, viability, and sustainability factor in the future.”



3. Ian Gertler, CMO of Symplegades, Evangelist, and Advisor

“Marketing automation alone is not personalization. Customer experience is not simply adding a person’s name to a generic email. It’s leveraging the capabilities of machine learning, algorithms, trend and behavior analytics, and pattern recognition to turn the concept of generic one-to-many into one-to-one without requiring a tedious manual process. When innovation and customization are done right, it replaces processes…not interactions, especially in a time where society and technology evolve faster than the capabilities of organizations (what Brian Solis calls “Digital Darwinism”). This so-called digital transformation requires the connecting of the proverbial dots between people, processes, and technology to learn and then drive positive experiences. The actual sale is one moment in the overall lifetime relationship. If you’re aiming for a one-and-done mentality, you might be missing the bigger opportunities. Technology is not the solution, just the facilitator. Deliver value and relevance, whether focused on B2B or B2C. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, ‘behind every B is a C.’”


4. Bryan Kramer, CEO at H2H Companies, CEO at PureMatter TED Talk Speaker, Author of H2H Bryan Kramer

“As humans, we are also built to receive, give, and disseminate information. The gravitational pull we’re in is advancing our technology into unfathomable speeds, creating conversations of both excitement and disdain for humans to keep up. And yet, we continue to evolve faster than ever. At any given moment, someone is trying to earn something from someone. Whether it’s trust, loyalty respect, even love, it’s the intangibles that people desire but can never buy. As humans, we want to be heard, and know that someone out there is listening. Technology is the bridge that helps us accomplish all these things.”


5. Dan Gingiss, Author, Speaker, and Senior Director of Global Social McDonalds

“Always be listening, and always be engaging. Your customers—especially the most loyal ones—want to help you be better, which is why they are constantly sharing feedback. Sometimes this in the form of compliments or questions, but often it’s in the form of complaints. Treat all feedback as a gift that will help you improve the customer experience, and engage back with your customers to show them you care. They will thank you!”


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