Why Mobile Is The Best Way To Grow Revenue

By: Kahuna | June 24, 2014 | Product Features

Kahuna announced its newest product offering, Conversion Campaigns, to increase revenue and conversion on mobile. Why did we create Kahuna Conversion Campaigns, and what are the implications for mobile-focused brands?


Mobile Can Be A Real Revenue Generator: Kahuna created Conversion Campaigns to help brands turn their mobile apps into real revenue generators. Mobile commerce today is just the tip of the iceberg. In 1995, no one believed that shoppers would ever buy anything online. We’ve heard the same thing about mobile, and Kahuna is on a mission to prove that mobile commerce can drive real revenue. Customers are excited to make purchases via their smartphones and tablets, and brands need to optimize this or risk being left behind.


Cart Abandonment Is A Challenge That Can Be Overcome: Cart abandonment on web and mobile is a notorious problem. 88% of digital shopping carts are never fulfilled, according to Forrester Research. Mobile apps give brands the opportunity to inspire immediate action among shoppers. Approached correctly, mobile marketing can persuade these shoppers to complete a purchase they first initiated via their desktop or smartphone. Kahuna created Conversion Campaigns to inspire cart fulfillment and repeat purchases with real-time personalization and omni-channel user analytics.


Marketers Should Know Their Mobile ROI: Marketing has become increasingly data-driven, but mobile has somehow been excluded from these rigorous performance standards. If mobile is going to become a real revenue generator, we need full transparency around what’s working and what isn’t. Every mobile marketer should know the exact amount of incremental revenue resulting from their mobile marketing efforts, and have the ability to track the ROI of every push notification they send.


User Experience & Mobile Marketing Are Not Mutually Exclusive: Creating a great app and protecting the user experience is critical to increasing mobile sales and revenue. That said, effective marketing should enhance the mobile app experience. What kind of marketing inspires customer delight? Marketing that shares valuable, relevant content with the user. What kind of marketing inspires purchasing? Marketing that reflects urgency, and facilitates a frictionless buying experience. Combine these approaches and experience customer delight and conversion. Conversion Campaigns keep products and services top-of-mind and escort buyers down a path that prompts them to complete the purchasing process in a way that increases brand affinity and engagement.