Why We’re Excited About iOS 9 and watchOS 2

By: Kahuna | June 16, 2015 | Mobile Marketing
iOS 9, watchOS 2 offer marketing limitless possiblities

We were thrilled about WWDC 15 this week and, like many of you, we’re excited about all the new goodies coming from Apple. We can’t wait to see the innovative ways developers and brands will utilize iOS 9 and the watchOS 2. We’re also excited about how these changes will make the Kahuna experience much more meaningful for our hundreds of customers, and their tens of millions of users.

Proactive Assistant and Revamped Search Spotlight

Apple is making your iPhone much more intelligent by incorporating context, timing, news, location, and app content into proactive assistant features. This should be a massive win for users because your device will give you relevant information at the most convenient time.

At Kahuna, we fundamentally believe that people want personalized, timely content. Successful campaigns will incorporate the proactive assistant model by delivering relevant messages to users, at the time they want them.

Apple iOS 9 will also include a revamped search that includes a new API that takes into account deep links. Users will be able to find what they’re looking for and dive directly into apps without having to go through a non-optimized mobile web page. Marketers who use Kahuna dynamic deep linking are ahead of the game as they prepare to take advantage of app indexing because their content is already linkable.

The new search will also suggest contacts, apps, and relevant material based on the person’s habits. This means it’s more important than ever to increase your app usage based on the user’s behavior. At Kahuna, we strongly believe that you should aim to fit into people’s schedules instead of just blasting mass messages based on a marketing calendar. That’s why we built SendOptimally, and we believe utilizing it to deliver personalized messages at the right time helps turn your app into part of your users’ daily habits.

watchOS 2

The App Store was a big reason for the explosion in iPhone sales, so don’t be surprised if we see a similar trend with the Apple Watch now that watchOS 2 allows it to use faster, more powerful apps that run natively on the device.

Remember, the Apple Watch is arguably the most personal device ever because it’s almost always within the user’s view. There’s an even higher threshold for sending notifications to the Apple Watch and other wearables. An overload of non-personalized messages is a quick ticket to getting your app uninstalled.

We’ve developed Kahuna to ensure apps notify users at the right time, on the right device. This includes the Apple Watch, other wearables, or the smartphone or tablet of your their choice. Kahuna curates timely and personalized notifications based on a user’s preferred device, with the ultimate goal of creating a great interaction between the brand and user.

For example, let’s say Jane orders dinner for her family from a food-delivery app every Tuesday at 6 p.m., but one Tuesday, she gets distracted at work and forgets to order. Kahuna understands her weekly routine and will automatically send an alert at 6:05 p.m. with suggestions based on her interactions with the app.

A key aspect of appealing to users on the Apple Watch and smart devices is knowing when not to send a notification. Importantly, Jane will only receive this notification as a friendly reminder if she’s forgotten to order.

WWDC 15 hit on many trends shaping the marketing landscape. People crave more personalization, more context, and more user-centric design of software and services. As smart devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch become increasingly personalized, the batch-and-blast mentality is not only archaic, it’s actively hurting your customer experience.

Just think of how wonderful it is when Siri works perfectly; it feels a bit magical. People love it, and their affinity for Apple grows. This is the kind of feeling users demand from your messaging, and Kahuna is committed to helping you deliver that with iOS 9, on the Apple Watch, and on any device your users wants.