8tracks is out to help people who care about music discover refreshingly human playlists. With mobile as their main engine for growth, 8tracks is striving to create a passionate mobile community of music lovers who include the 8tracks app in their regular routine. 8tracks partnered with Kahuna to deploy a series of mobile marketing campaigns that would surprise, delight and grow their fanbase.



Building on the success of their social media savvy, 8tracks wanted to try a series of humorous push campaigns that would inspire loyalty and devotion in their mobile community. Humor is a potent strategy – it can elicit strong positive reactions but also becomes a minefield if done without finesse. In addition to sending personalized playlists and recommendations to unique users, 8tracks needed the tools to test and fine-tune their humor strategy. That’s where Kahuna came in.


Kahuna’s powerful suite of tools allowed 8tracks to gain insights that helped them run their humor campaigns smartly. Delighting their fans with humor required careful testing and tweaking of their campaigns. From A-to-E testing that pinpointed the messages that struck the right chord, to user segmentation that found the best audience, to advanced reporting capabilities that identified the precise effect of each message, Kahuna’s dedication to personalization and optimization gave 8tracks the confidence to carry out their audacious their new mobile marketing strategy. “Music is one of the most human experiences. We want our user engagement to be genuine and lasting,” said Rémi Gabillet, CTO of 8tracks. “Kahuna thinks about engagement in exactly the same way, and their solution is perfect for our company.”


“With the help of Kahuna, we were able to successfully carry out a variety of campaigns that increased engagement and goals achieved. The insights that we gained from Kahuna’s testing and reporting capabilities were invaluable to getting this bold new strategy right.”



8tracks tested a variety of playful, funny push campaigns against non-humorous ones to find that humorous messages outperformed straightforward messages. As a result of their Kahuna messaging strategy, 8tracks was able to reduce user churn by eight percentage points and increase engagement by 23%. Kahuna helped 8tracks build a more devoted fan base by delivering playful messages that would delight the right users at the right times.

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