Level Money

Staying up to date on your spending and financial habits requires the right tool. Level Money provides you with a simple and clear picture of your finances. Draw a straight line from everyday decisions to savings and accomplish the things that matter.


As the on-the-go financial companion for financial health, Level Money needed to communicate intelligently with their customers. They needed to provide valuable information to their customers at every touchpoint, to ensure they received critical financial updates and information throughout the day. In order to help customers spend and save intelligently, reliable and secure messaging that provided users with a high value experience was key.


Level Money chose Kahuna for the array of features offered that would allow them to understand their customers’ behaviors and preferences. Whether it was the state-of-the-art SendOptimally technology, person-centric analytics, or detailed tracking of opt-outs and uninstalls, Level Money knew Kahuna could deliver on the promise of truly personalized and well-timed messages that would inspire engagement. “Kahuna’s interface is exactly what we need,” said Jake Fuentes, CEO. “The system is built with our overall business goal in mind: driving user engagement through secure and reliable messaging.” For Level Money, Kahuna’s simple interface, easy integration and top-tier customer service were also important factors when selecting a mobile marketing automation system.


“Working with Kahuna, we can be sure that all our new users are receiving the right personalized messages to keep them engaged with our app.”



Using Kahuna to send intelligent push notifications, Level Money has experienced a dramatic boost of their engagement and conversion rates. With Level Money’s new mobile marketing automation strategy, engagement and conversion rates have seen a 98% and 56% uplift, respectively. Level Money leveraged Kahuna to test and optimize their push notifications, resulting in happier customers who rewarded them by coming back again and again.

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