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With dozens of apps across iOS and Android, Paddy Power, Europe’s largest betting service, knows mobile is a key driver of success. By launching their World Cup mobile betting app, Paddy Power was eager to capture the hearts and minds of World Cup fans across the globe. With the app launched just a few days before the games, Paddy Power partnered with Kahuna to acquire new sports betting enthusiasts and increase the value and volume of bets during the 2014 games.



Push notifications is the perfect channel for real-time communication, but crafting a successful strategy within the span of several weeks can be a significant challenge. As they entered the World Cup season with their new mobile app, two top priorities for Paddy Power was knowing which campaigns were working and which were falling flat as well as having the freedom to easily iterate and innovate.


Paddy Power focused on push notification campaigns that capitalized on the excitement of the World Cup, referencing specific events within the games, and offering exclusive promotions based upon those events. But their creativity went deeper than the message itself: they leveraged Kahuna’s real-time user segmentation capabilities to message users based on previous behavior and team preferences, allowing them to send highly targeted push notifications that spoke to the users’ unique interests. And with Kahuna’s goal-tracking, A-to-E testing, and real-time campaign reporting capabilities, the team at Paddy Power was able to measure the results of each push they sent to pinpoint the exact strategies that worked best. The result: an innovative and sophisticated push messaging strategy that captivated the attention of World Cup fans.


Powered by Kahuna, Paddy Power’s innovative push notification strategy worked wonders on the app’s betting rate, which skyrocketed 137% above previous levels. The new strategy also resulted in a 313% increase in user engagement.

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