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With a mobile app that power users can take to the theater, TheTake gives movie lovers instant access to what the hottest actors are wearing and inside knowledge of the coolest filming locations. With today’s brand sponsors more interested in mobile than web, driving sustained mobile usage is a key business goal.



For TheTake, winning on mobile meant differentiating itself from the vast number of apps out there, with a marketing strategy that understood users at a personal level. “Increasing our weekly and monthly user retention is our number one goal, because user retention is a long-term play rather than a short-term quick win,” said Jim Huffman, VP of Content and Brand Strategy. “At the end of the day, it’s all about having a product that people like and continue to use.”


TheTake wanted to develop meaningful relationships with its users by communicating with them as people, not numbers. “We realized that companies with the most compelling communication strategies send pushes that are like a friend sending you a text message. They know a lot about you, so it’s easy to have meaningful conversations,” Jim said. Kahuna’s person-centric approach to gathering data about users and advanced personalization capabilities helped TheTake send delightful messages worth remembering. “We chose Kahuna because it allows us to know our customers and users better than anybody else,” Jim said. “We can know not only what users like, but when they like it.”


“We chose Kahuna because it allows us to know our users better than anybody else. Kahuna’s person-centric user data is the foundation of our 1:1 messaging strategy on mobile. With Kahuna, we can know not only what users like but when they like it.”



With a highly targeted push notification strategy powered by Kahuna, TheTake has experienced a 372% uplift in user engagement. By understanding its mobile users and building meaningful relationships with them through push, TheTake has successfully created memorable mobile moments that have brought its customers back again and again to the app.

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