ThredUP Case Study

ThredUP is the world’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling “practically new” clothing. Millions of customers use thredUP to buy consignment clothing from over 20,000 brands, and their community of enthusiastic shoppers is essential to the success of the business. The thredUP team turned to Kahuna to provide their customers with a perfectly personalized mobile shopping experience designed to drive engagement and revenue among their mobile customers.



ThredUP saw a huge opportunity to increase sales by inspiring their mobile customers to buy and sell. With the competition heating up among mobile commerce brands, this meant building relationships with mobile shoppers as individuals, not faceless app users. “We want every shopper to feel special,” said Lauren Miller, Senior Director of Marketing at thredUP. ThredUp needed a mobile marketing partner that could craft highly personalized customer conversations to take their mobile shopping experience to the next level.


With strategic guidance from their Kahuna account strategist, Lauren and her team created a cohesive mobile marketing strategy to increase purchases and inventory. This included sophisticated campaigns that targeted users based on their proclivity to buy or sell, as well as their specific brand interests and behavior. “If there is new J. Crew merchandise available, Kahuna messages the right customers at their preferred time to shop,” explains Lauren. And with Kahuna’s ability to identify real-time engagement trends and areas of opportunity, thredUP was able to optimize campaign strategy by sending the optimal message copy, shopper incentives and promotions to every user. Within weeks, 50% of their overall revenue was coming from mobile.


“We love working with Kahuna because they are a true partner. Kahuna helped us create our mobile marketing automation strategy, and we have increased our monthly engaged mobile users by 21% in the past month alone.”



By crafting their new mobile marketing strategy with the help of Kahuna, thredUP saw a 21% increase in monthly engaged mobile users. Mobile also became a much more important source of revenue for thredUP, contributing to 50% of revenue by December of 2013. With Kahuna, thredUP was able to personalize and optimize their communications with mobile shoppers, delivering a memorable experience and capitalizing on the enormous opportunity presented by mobile.

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