Founded in 2009 as Taxi Magic and rebranded in 2014, Curb is the #1 taxi app in the U.S., designed to connect riders and taxi drivers across the country. The Curb app enables riders to hail a taxi with only a few taps, and at the same time, provides taxi fleet operators with tools to effectively manage their vehicles and drivers.

The Curb app has notable characteristics that sets it apart from other ride-sharing apps on the market. Curb does not surge prices during high-demand hours; riders simply pay the amount on the meter. Riders are also able to hail a cab the traditional way, by raising their hand on the street, and then link their individual taxi to their Curb app once they’re already inside and riding. And unlike competing ride-hailing services that enable virtually anyone to drive, Curb limits its platform to drivers who are fully licensed and insured and meet all regulatory requirements to operate, ensuring a higher level of safety and credibility.

Curb technology is currently used by over 100,000 drivers, powering millions of rides per month. Aside from being featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times, TechCrunch, and The Verge; Curb is endorsed by the Taxi Cab, Limousine, and Paratransit Association—the largest industry association for taxi and limousine companies across the U.S.

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“Kahuna has helped us more effectively engage with our users by enabling us to not only optimize the content of our messages, but also when they are sent. As a result, we can deliver personalized experiences to our riders—improving conversion and reducing dormant users. Additionally, Kahuna has scaled with us as we expanded into new regions, allowing us to be agile and focused on growth.”
Jenna MacPherson, Director of Marketing

before Kahuna: one-off mass communications

Before implementing Kahuna, Curb took an ad-hoc approach to marketing. It relied on a single email service provider for one-off mass email campaigns, and ignored other channels for communications. As a mobile app, the team knew that having a mobile strategy was critical for engaging users where they were, but they did not have the ability to deploy push notifications and in-app notifications. On top of this, the Curb team lacked an understanding of user behavior at the individual level, leading them to rely on “on the ground” promotions instead of automated one-to-one communications.


with KAHUNA: ONE-to-one messaging

Kahuna has helped Curb optimize marketing, creating a deeply personalized experience for each rider and setting a new standard for customer experience. Here are two ways Kahuna is helping Curb stay competitive:

Cross-channel messaging, not disparate systems

Rather than relying on disparate messaging systems and having to manually bridge the gaps between them, Kahuna has empowered Curb with cross-channel capabilities, bringing together its email and mobile efforts under a single platform. Here, the system is built around the individual user profile, meaning that when behavioral data is collected via a user’s engagement with one channel, that data is automatically shared with the other channel. As a result, Curb doesn’t have to worry about sending duplicate messages on two different channels, nor falling into the trap of continuing to send emails to a user who deleted their app account, which undoubtedly frustrates riders, sours their experience, and leads to opt-outs.

User-centric approach, not mass communications

Even more significantly, employing a user-centric approach to data collection gives Curb a singular view of each person, meaning the team can market to each person in an extremely personalized way. Further, Curb uses Kahuna AI-powered messaging optimizations to send messages with accuracy and precision, ensuring each rider only receives messages that are relevant to them: on their preferred channel, at their preferred time for that channel, and with the message that compels them to engage—a far cry from the days when the company would send the same blanket message to all users.

Business impact: engagement and conversion

To achieve one-to-one messaging with riders and improve marketing performance, Curb leveraged two core Kahuna technologies: Kahuna SendOptimally™ and Kahuna Message Variant Optimization.

Kahuna SendOptimally™ enables Curb to optimize message send time by automatically analyzing historical data to determine when users are most likely to view and engage with a message. The latter made it possible for Curb to rapidly test message variants and automatically choose the right content that resonates with users and compels them to complete the end goal. When Kahuna SendOptimally™ was combined with Kahuna Massage Variant Optimization, Curb experienced a 127% increase in rider engagement versus users who were messaged without these optimizations.

Kahuna also helps Curb detect user inactivity and nudge these dormant riders back into the app at opportune times, using Kahuna SendOptimally™. Curb launches re-engagement campaigns by messaging dormant users (>30 days with no activity), resulting in a 29x lift in conversion (rides booked) over dormant users who returned to the app on their own. Clearly, leveraging optimizations that take individual rider messaging preferences into consideration has been a game-changer for Curb’s marketing performance.

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