Kahoot! is an award-winning, game-based learning and trivia platform that is used in a variety of settings such as K-12 education; university classrooms; corporate enterprises; and at events and cultural functions.

Kahoot! has over 70 million monthly active users, and over 2 billion cumulative players across 200 countries. The platform is used by 97% of Fortune 500 companies, and in the U.S. alone, more than 47% of K-12 teachers have a Kahoot! account, and 50% of U.S. K-12 students are using the service on a monthly basis.

Kahoot! was created to be enjoyable for adults and children alike, giving the learning platform broad appeal from educational institutions to businesses of all sizes. The underlying principle is the universally accepted theory of learning through play. Kahoot! is built around a three-pronged approach: social, play, and learning.

The Kahoot! mission is to make learning awesome for everyone across the globe, which is why the application has a free version for educators.

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“By using Kahuna, we now have the ability to more effectively target users and drive engagement by improving awareness of important product features as well as onboard users to become superusers.”
Arnbjorn Marklund, Lifecycle Marketing Director

before KAHUNA: no easy way to drive engagement through 1:1 communications

Before implementing Kahuna in late 2017, Kahoot! primarily relied on word-of-mouth channels to grow their audience. Although they were successful in achieving rapid growth, Kahoot! needed to find an easy and cost-effective way to to drive repeat usage, increase feature awareness, and improve overall engagement.

At the same time, the company was about to launch a new mobile app where push notifications and in-app messaging functionality were a high priority on the product roadmap.


with KAHUNA: increased engagement and feature awareness

Kahuna has helped Kahoot! optimize their lifecycle engagement campaigns by personalizing their messaging at a 1:1 level. Rather than sending messages at the same time, Kahoot! is able to message users when they are most likely to engage with the content. They’re also able to optimize messages, so each user receives the version of a message that is most likely to resonate with them.

By using Kahuna AI-optimizations to deliver in-app messages as part of their app onboarding, Kahoot! experienced a 71% uplift in sign ups from business users. A similar approach resulted in a 62% uplift in kahoots (quizzes) created by students. In addition push notifications have also proven to be a cost efficient way to boost engagement and retention in the mobile app. When these campaigns are run, Kahoot! often sees at least a 50% uplift in engagement.

One of the first campaigns Kahoot! launched through Kahuna was an effective email conversion campaign that involved sending emails to teachers after they hosted a learning game in the classroom. Teachers who didn’t download their summary report with students’ results were sent a link via email minutes after completing their game, prompting them to download their report.

By targeting users through advanced event triggering, while also generating unique URLs to a downloadable report (created by pulling individual merge tags into the email directly from the game events), Kahoot! increased the reporting function usage by over 150%.

The Kahoot! team is even seeing teachers showcase their excitement of receiving their reports via email, by sharing their achievements on social media. The previously mentioned email campaigns not only enable Kahoot! to deliver results, but also to provide an exceptional user experience.

Kahoot! also puts an emphasis on ensuring their messages add value to the end user rather than further contributing to their information overload. Kahuna has enabled Kahoot! to deliver highly-personalized experiences via push and email campaigns that were not possible in the past.

With email campaigns, the Kahuna SendOptimally™ optimization has enabled Kahoot! to launch targeted campaigns based on factors such as the number of quiz participants, game options used, type of kahoots played, and the amount of time between engaging with the service.

When combined with the Kahuna orchestration functionality, Kahoot! was able to improve the onboarding experience by targeting users when they were off the platform, as a way to boost repeat usage and retention.

The orchestration functionality also enabled Kahoot! to set up an advanced email onboarding campaign for new users where messages are only sent when they were relevant to the user. For example, very active Kahoot! users would potentially not receive any messages.

As part of the teacher onboarding, Kahoot! launched a certification program. It’s a free, online program for professional development that helps teachers become the ultimate Kahoot! superheroes. Throughout the program teachers receive diplomas, digital badges, and professional learning credits.

Kahuna powers the email and in-app messages that are run as users advance from one course to another. The program flows are created using the Kahuna orchestration tool. This enabled Kahoot! to set up the certification program without requiring assistance from their product team or developers.

The certification program has proven to be a huge success for onboarding, as retention and engagement are much higher amongst certified teachers compared to teachers that are yet to become certified. A point to note is that the certification emails sent from Kahuna have been coded such that it is very easy to tweet a badge once a teacher passes any of the courses.

This is a smart move to make the certification program go viral. It also happens that teachers share pictures of their framed diplomas on social media.

Business impact: converting free users to paying in a cost-efficient way

When Kahoot! launched as a public beta during the SXSW EDU festival in Austin, TX in September 2013, the learning platform was free to all users. In October 2017, the company launched Kahoot! for businesses. Shortly after Kahoot! implemented Kahuna as their marketing automation platform.

Kahoot! for businesses is a collection of paid plans with advanced features that are tailored to companies and organizations. Kahuna is therefore more than a tool to drive engagement. It also enabled Kahoot! to target business users with the goal of converting them to paying subscribers.

On the days when Kahoot! launches optimized sales campaigns through Kahuna, it’s common for the amount of paying subscribers coming in to the platform to peak compared to days before and after. Kahoot! also began running automated sales campaigns that have helped increase conversion rates.

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