Push Notification Strategy for Listia

Listia is a mobile marketplace where you can trade in the old stuff you no longer want for new stuff that you are sure to love. With the majority of their revenue coming from their mobile app, Listia sees push notifications as the #1 way to communicate with their community and build a thriving marketplace. Leveraging the Kahuna platform, Listia has developed a sophisticated push notification strategy that has increased user engagement by 60-70% and improved their top KPIs by over 50%.

User Engagement

60-70% increase in user engagement

50% increase in top KPIs

“We’ve seen our key KPIs increase by 50% and overall user engagement increase by 60-70%. Kahuna has had a very significant impact on our mobile business.”


Listia set out to create a mobile messaging strategy that would get their buyers and sellers excited about the marketplace and keep them coming back again and again — all without abusing the power of push notifications. “We had been using our own internal system to send push notifications, but it was hard to maintain and we realized we didn’t know how our notifications were performing,” said Gee Chuang, Co-Founder. “We wanted to create a push notification strategy that provided value to our users, and we weren’t sure which campaigns were driving positive actions and which were prompting users to uninstall our app.”


With user experience and transparency as top priorities, Listia was attracted to Kahuna’s sophisticated testing and reporting capabilities. “It’s really beneficial to test and get insights quickly,” said Gee. Inspired by Kahuna best practices, Listia uncovered key insights about the specific campaigns that were working, and why. “If you play with the wording correctly and tell users about things that are related to their account, we’ve found that the number of lists and bids increase significantly, without experiencing any collateral damage,” said Gee. “There are actually a number of campaigns we are running now where our campaign uninstall rate is less than the control group.”

“It’s really beneficial to test and get insights quickly. There are actually a number of campaigns we are running now where our campaign uninstall rate is less than the control group.”
KPI Improvement


Listia’s Key Performance Indicators included “listed items” and “bids placed” — two key user actions that increase buyer/seller lifetime value. Using Kahuna, Listia increased items listed and bids placed by over 50%. The marketing team at Listia also gained invaluable insights regarding mobile marketing best practices, which they continue to hone as they fulfill their promise of an impeccable user experience.

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