is Malaysia’s largest online classifieds marketplace. It started 10 years ago with a simple thought—what if we could make a platform which would let anyone sell, almost anything—easy and fast? Hence the name “Mudah” which in the local language means “easy.”

The marketplace features:

  • 50+ product categories in addition to popular mega-categories electronics, automotive, and real estate
  • 8 million unique visitors monthly
  • 1.4 million current listings

For over a decade, has built a reputation for meeting the needs of selective buyers and sellers with fast and easy listings, competitive prices, and a friendly user experience. apps for iOS and Android feature 1-click filters, personalized alerts, and integrated chat functionality to enable buyer and seller communication without requiring the exchange of personal information before completing a transaction.

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“Kahuna powers the critical strategic objective of modern digital marketplaces by achieving buyer and seller retention at a massive scale, which strengthens our position as Malaysia’s #1 marketplace.”
Andrew Pinto, Head of Marketing

before KAHUNA: limited buyer and seller engagement

Before Kahuna, did not use marketplace engagement software. The team at relied on legacy email campaigns to communicate with their buyers and sellers. This meant that emails would be sent en-masse rather than at the times when buyers and sellers would engage with them.

In addition to the limits of traditional email campaigns, the absence of mobile marketing automation solutions caused to miss out on the most effective way to improve user engagement—mobile push notifications. relied on legacy email campaigns, sent en-masse to users with no optimizations for send time and content personalization. Buyers and sellers regularly reported missed email communications that resulted in lost sales, hurting the bottom line and driving user churn. also lacked the most effective communication method for mobile app users—push notifications. They also weren’t able to precisely engage with buyers and sellers at the right time, and via the right channels.


with KAHUNA: achieving 1:1 personalization now uses Kahuna as their primary marketing method to engage with all their users. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation of marketplace engagement solutions, the teams at chose Kahuna due to ease of implementation, customer success support, comprehensive functionality, and proven results.

Kahuna also saves staff at from the time and expense of building systems for buyer and seller engagement, allowing them to focus on growing their marketplace. user behaviors—events—are managed within the Kahuna cloud service. Sophisticated machine learning models identify cohorts of buyers and sellers based on specific events, in real-time, and target messaging content, timing, and channel for maximum effectiveness.

For example, is able to launch lifecycle campaigns at a 1:1 level—an example being product purchase reminders. When a user searches within a product category, but doesn’t make a purchase, is able to send push notifications to buyers when they’re most likely to engage with the content.

Buyers who have already completed a target transaction are tagged accordingly in real-time and exempted from messaging that they don’t need or want. Kahuna ensures that their users get the right message at the right time. also uses Kahuna as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to effectively manage their buyer and seller profiles. The real-time and hosted nature of the Kahuna platform means that is able to ensure they’re getting peak performance out of their lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Business impact: improved buyer and seller retention

In order to boost buyer/seller retention and engagement, leveraged three core Kahuna technologies: Kahuna Conversion Time Optimization, Kahuna Message Variant Optimization, and Kahuna SendOptimally™.

By developing campaigns to target dormant users (>30 days with no activity), was able to achieve a 36x uplift in the number of buyers and sellers who returned to the marketplace.

Personalized messaging also significantly improved the number of times the app was used. As a whole, Kahuna Message Optimization enabled to achieve a whopping 42% conversion rate.

On average, in a given month, returning buyers and sellers would only use the app twice. On the other hand, buyers and sellers targeted using personalized campaigns opened the app nine times.

In addition to the previously mentioned figures, the marketing team at also estimates that without Kahuna technology, they would lose close to 10% of their monthly active users.

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