Launched in 2011, Restorando is the leading online restaurant reservations platform in Latin America, making restaurant bookings a snap as it helps its users discover unforgettable dining experiences in their area. The company also supports the restaurants themselves, helping them track reservation metrics and customer information to increase their ability to attract and retain diners over time.

Today, Restorando is used by more than 4,500,000 people every year and serves 5,000 restaurants in 18 cities in 8 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru. Restorando’s success has been covered in large Latin American publications such as Clarín and La Nación.

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Gaston Irigoyen
“Kahuna is helping Restorando add true value to the diner's experience. We’ve been able to drill down to the individual user’s dining history and preferences to serve each person with content that they care about and serve it to them when they’re most likely to take advantage of it. Kahuna has helped us better understand our audience throughout Latin America and is playing a key role in growing our business and increasing the number of reservations per diner over time.”
Gaston Irigoyen, CMO


Messaging is a key component of Restorando’s marketing efforts—encouraging diners to make reservations and enticing them with discounts and other offers to their favorite restaurants.

By using Kahuna, Restorando has increased their liquidity by delivering relevant discounts to users based on their location. Rather than simply providing incentives en masse to drive volume, Restorando connects users to the restaurants that best fit their preferences. This results in a focus on quality rather than quantity.

Restorando’s user base has grown 25% year over year.


One platform for all messaging efforts

Prior to Kahuna, Restorando was using an email-only platform to send consumer messages. But as the mobile era exploded, the proportion of diners who made reservations through the company’s mobile app increased, making email messaging no longer enough.

Not only did Kahuna enable mobile messaging, but more importantly it brought both the mobile and email messaging under one platform. This removed the need to house users in two systems, and because of this, ensured they never received the dreaded duplicate message. Further, the combined platform enabled Restorando to register, onboard, and engage users through multiple channels (email, in-app, push), whereas previously this was only possible through email, which limited the company’s ability to communicate with users.


Behaviorally-segmented campaigns

Restorando also benefits from Kahuna’s segmentation capability—not segmenting by user demographics (which really doesn’t say anything about a user’s dining preferences), but more strategically, segmenting by user behaviors. This approach helps Restorando accurately target only those who would be interested in a certain offer or dining experience per their actual dining habits, thereby alleviating Restorando from having to guess what their dining preferences would be based on their demographics.

For instance, for a Valentine’s Day campaign, Restorando segmented its audience based on anyone who had booked a table for two in the past three months, narrowing in on those who would be more likely to see value in a Valentine’s Day offer or dining experience. Before, Restorando would have sent the same promotion, but would have segmented based on a demographic like age, or even worse, sent the message to its entire audience—either way creating numerous unwanted messages among its user base. With Kahuna, however, Restorando is able to segment in a way that makes sense to the campaign, thus increasing the chance that those targeted are interested in taking advantage of the offer, and at the same time, refraining from over-messaging those who are more likely to not take advantage of the offer.

Restorando also leverages behavioral segmentation to get even more specific in who it’s including in certain campaigns—for example, those who booked X number of times in X type of restaurant. From here, Restorando can also hone in on the exact last restaurant viewed or dined in by each individual. With all this pertinent information, Restorando can craft and send a super personalized message to each individual user that touches on their unique dining history and therefore works better to compel them to re-engage. Leveraging Kahuna’s behavioral segmentation feature has resulted in an increased email open rate from 5% to 15% as well as a 42% lift in goal conversions over campaigns that do not use behavioral segmentation.


Hyper-personalized communications

Personalizing message channel:

Using Kahuna’s AI-powered cross-channel optimization feature, the mobile and email channels are able to “talk” and share information with each other in real time. For instance, Kahuna knows that a user actively redeems offers through email, and Kahuna also learns that they like steak based on a reservation they made at a steakhouse through the brand’s mobile app. Even though the reservation was made on mobile, Kahuna knows to send future special offers from that steakhouse to the user via email, not push or in-app. Here, Restorando can ensure it’s always messaging users on the channel they prefer, regardless of the channel the original activity took place on. As a result, the user gets a personalized experience as their unique channel preference is accommodated, thereby increasing the chance they’ll engage with the message and that Restorando will meet its goal.

Personalizing message send time:

Before, Restorando would send messages to people haphazardly, without much consideration for time of day, resulting in non-optimized conversion metrics. Using Kahuna’s AI-powered SendOptimally™ feature, Restorando is now able to determine the best time to send a message based on each user’s preference for time, thus increasing the probability that they’ll view and engage with the message. This has resulted in a whopping 54% higher goal conversion rate than in campaigns that did not use SendOptimally™. Clearly, timing is everything.

Business impact: Retention

Kahuna has enabled Restorando to deliver a highly personalized experience to each user, thereby empowering it to strengthen its brand-consumer relationships on a one-to-one basis. As a result, Restorando has achieved a 23% uplift in returning users. For a business model that thrives off of repeat bookings, retention is paramount.

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