Founded in 2011, TickPick is a ticketing marketplace that is known for its “no hidden fees” approach—what you see is what you pay. TickPick also differentiates itself by enabling buyers to shop tickets by deals and to name their price by creating bids and setting price alerts. The company has achieved more than 100% revenue growth YoY since inception, with help from Kahuna to gear its marketing strategy towards personalization. As a result, Inc. 500 recognized TickPick as the 90th fastest-growing private company in the U.S.

44% increase in Sign-ups

29% increase in tickets Purchased

“Kahuna has helped us solve a major business problem by streamlining our onboarding process for new customers, ensuring that we can send them messages immediately and with relevant content they care about...and nothing else. We’ve been able to increase engagement, decrease the number of dormant users, and ultimately increase the volume of tickets purchased.”
Brett Goldberg, Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Business Problems, Solved

TickPick came to Kahuna with 3 core challenges:



Buyers would download the TickPick app and open it, but they were not performing high value actions like searching for tickets or signing up. Messages sent to encourage sign-ups in particular were not doing the job—TickPick had no idea which message content would resonate most.

What TickPick needed was to be able to test which message content would work best to encourage people to sign up for its service. In leveraging Kahuna’s AI-powered Message Variant Optimization, TickPick is able to test a slew of message variants concurrently, and Kahuna discovers which messages are most effective. As a result, TickPick has experienced a staggering 44% increase in registrations when messaging buyers, with an incremental 33% increase in registrations when using Kahuna’s AI to optimize message variants.


There were 3 situations that plagued TickPick’s onboarding:


Prior to Kahuna, TickPick used an email solution that relied on downloading and uploading a list of registrants, which meant a delay of up to 24-48 hours in sending welcome messages. TickPick knew this was a problem: When users sign up, they expect a welcome message, and if it’s not delivered in a timely manner, it can be a lost opportunity. Now with Kahuna, TickPick gets real-time events meaning it knows immediately when someone signs up and can send an automated welcome message, meeting buyer and seller expectations of a seamless onboarding experience.


Before, when TickPick would eventually send a welcome message, it was quite often irrelevant, such as providing a promo code for an event the user had already purchased tickets for. Not only did this create a frustrating, disjointed experience for the customer, but now TickPick was faced with a business decision of “Do we honor the code or not?” many times over. Now with Kahuna, TickPick knows to only send messages along the welcome experience if the user doesn’t organically perform a high value action on their own. TickPick is able to take into consideration the buyer/seller’s prior interactions with the platform and respond with communications that make sense.

Cross-channel consistency

In the past, buyers and sellers were able to sign up for TickPick through web or mobile. This is great in theory for the user, but because TickPick had to manually track registrations across different channels, the user ended up with an inconsistent welcome experience. Now with Kahuna Experiences, however, TickPick is able to understand cross-channel sign-up events and efficiently deliver onboarding messages to new buyers/sellers no matter where they sign up—and, by using Kahuna’s AI optimizations, the buyer/seller receives the message on the channel and at the time they’re most likely to see it and interact with it, enabling the highest level of engagement.

Determining the best time to send a message

Although “Send Time Optimization” features may be common in the market, others, like those with email products, typically optimize the time to send a message based on a user’s email opens or based on IP address location. But, they are ineffective because they don’t take into consideration when a consumer is most likely to be on their device and able to engage with the message. So, here at Kahuna, we approach “Send Time Optimization” differently. We look for each individual engagement event of the consumer and then map it at various points in time. From there, we are able to determine the best time to send a message that’s most likely to achieve the goal in question.


Once a new user registered, TickPick had trouble getting them to make incremental ticket purchases. Users were making one purchase, but then not returning. TickPick often launched “flash sale” campaigns to entice further purchases, but it did so with one batch & blast-style email to its entire user base, which was not working to effectively engage. Ultimately, TickPick was falling into the dreaded “one & done” trap that so many mobile apps do.

With Kahuna’s help, TickPick has completely transformed the way it does flash sale conversion campaigns. It has ditched the generic messaging approach to all users and instead segments users based on their preferences and behaviors, resulting in a 29% increase in tickets purchased. Additionally, TickPick has experienced an incremental 3% increase in tickets purchased when using Kahuna’s AI-powered Send Time Optimization to send messages when users are most likely to see and engage with them.

AI-powered Message Variant Optimization

Business Impact

By leveraging Kahuna’s messaging platform and AI optimizations, TickPick is able to meet their buyer/seller expectations of a highly personalized experience.

Kahuna’s AI optimizations have directly resulted in a 29% increase in conversion campaign revenue, and with 332 conversion campaigns run with Kahuna in the past year, TickPick has reaped major bottom-line impact many times over by transitioning to a hyper-personalized approach to messaging.

This approach has further enabled TickPick’s transition from a “one & done” app to instead, a go-to resource for event browsing and ticket purchasing among its growing user base, positioning it as a solid player in the competitive ticketing market.

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