Yummly’s mission is to be the largest, most powerful, and most helpful cooking platform in the world. Yummly relies on Kahuna to craft mobile marketing that makes it easier for foodies to do what they love – cook, eat and share!

15 million unique users

43% increase in user engagement

1300% increase in user conversions

“New user retention and engagement are critical metrics for us. Kahuna has not only dramatically increased our results, but they’ve also helped us create a cohesive strategy for communicating with these new users.”


Getting new users to stay engaged with their app is a challenge for fast-growing companies like Yummly. Yummly saw their app install base explode as a result of their user acquisition strategy, but retaining these newly acquired users proved difficult. “We are growing rapidly, and we have a critical window of time to turn these new sign ups into engaged, active users,” said Shelley Carella, growth and marketing manager at Yummly.


Yummly partnered with Kahuna to onboard their mobile users, leveraging personalized push notifications to catalyze a sticky product experience and strong future engagement. After defining the key user onboarding actions, Yummly created a personalized onboarding experience by messaging the right segment of users at each stage of the onboarding flow. These onboarding campaigns ensure that new users understand the value proposition of the Yummly app without any redundant messaging. After all, the best brands in the world know when to send a message and when not to send a message. “Working with Kahuna, we can be sure that all our new users are receiving the right personalized messages to keep them engaged with our app,” said Shelley.


Believing that strong engagement and retention were the keys to rapid growth, the growth team at Yummly armed themselves with Kahuna’s engagement marketing tool as they continued to scale their user acquisition efforts. By effectively onboarding new users with Kahuna, Yummly has increased new user engagement by 43%, increased new user retention by 119%, and increased new user conversions by 1300%.

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