Kahuna Is Built On Trust

“Kahuna has helped us solve a major business problem by streamlining our onboarding process for new customers, ensuring that we can send them messages immediately and with relevant content they care about...and nothing else. We’ve been able to increase engagement, decrease the number of dormant users, and ultimately increase the volume of tickets purchased.”
Brett Goldberg, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, TickPick
Grace PY Lee
“By using Kahuna’s artificial intelligence platform, we were able to break traffic records and increase user engagement. The story to our success is the use of SendOptimally, which targeted the right group of people at the right time. The other part is Katrina, our Customer Success Manager, who is always so responsible and responsive, it is a real delight to work with her.”
Grace PY Lee, Growth Marketing Manager, Mudah.my
“Kahuna allows us to easily target our communications very specifically based on individual user habits, resulting in a higher click and conversion rate. We're able to show only relevant content to each individual user and send it at the time when they're ready to receive it.”
Kevin Hansen, Lead Marketing Manager, Scondoo

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