In-App Messages FAQs

Everything you need to know

What is an in-app message?

An in-app message is a notification that can be sent to users that are currently using your mobile application.


Will customers that have opted out of push messages receive in-app messages?

All customers that use your application are eligible for in-app messages, even if they have opted out of push messaging.


What types of in-app formats does Kahuna support?

Kahuna supports a wide variety of in-app message formats including the default notification, modal, slider, and full screen. Marketers can easily select and customize the format they are using in Kahuna’s In-App Campaign Creator.


What in-app message customization is available to me?

Kahuna’s In-App Campaign Creator allows you to customize the message content, color, calls to action, and a number of other elements that ensure your messages are on-brand and aligned with the look and feel of your app experience. Kahuna also allows you to include dynamic personalized elements (e.g., last item added to cart, last article viewed) and deep links, which are other ways to customize the experience for individual users.


Can I use customer behavior/events to trigger in-app messages?

Of course! Kahuna was built to react in real time to your customers’ cross-channel behavior. We make it easy for you to trigger in-app messages based on a customer’s behavior in your app or on other channels. Kahuna offers multiple campaign types — most of which are available for in-app messaging — that enable you to customize when a customer should receive a message.


Am I able to customize the call to action on my in-app messages?

Yes! For every in-app message type, Kahuna allows you to customize the call to action that a customer will see. You will be able to pick two options for each call to action, which are typically along the lines of “no thanks” and “take me there.”


How can I use Locales with in-app messages?

Locales can be applied to in-app messages the same way it’s used for push and email. Simply select the Locales you want to target and craft customized messages for each Locale.


Can I A/B test different styles of in-app messages?

Of course. Using Kahuna’s RevIQ, you can simultaneously test multiple in-app message formats, copy, or links. RevIQ will automatically select the winning variant and distribute it to a greater portion of the audience selected for the campaign.


Can I use deep linking to guide users to unique places in my application?

Yes! Kahuna’s deep linking also works for in-app messages. Links can be included that take users to different locations within your app or outside of your application (e.g., website, app store).


Can I use in-app messages as a part of my cross-channel campaigns?

Kahuna’s email, push, and in-app engagement channels can all be used as part of a larger cross-channel engagement strategy. Each can be turned on in the same campaign, and Kahuna will automatically determine the channel that is most likely to get the highest engagement rate and deliver a message there.


What are the most common ways marketers are using in-app messages?

There are many use cases for Kahuna’s in-app messaging.  Some of the most common include:


  • Onboarding: using in-app messaging to guide users through an onboarding flow, proactively sending messages when a user diverges from the desired path or shows signs of difficulty (e.g., clicks the same button three times).
  • Drawing customer attention to new places: using in-app messaging to guide users to new areas of the application that they have not interacted with yet.
  • Promotions: using in-app messaging to display relevant promotions to inspire customers to take action.
  • App ratings: using in-app messaging to drive your best customers to rate your application.


What is the character limit for an in-app messaging?

There are different character limits per message type. Default and modal in-app message formats can contain 90 characters, slider in-app formats can contain 60 characters, and full-screen formats can contain 120 characters. Kahuna selected these restrictions to ensure that your entire message will be displayed, even on smaller devices.


Can I control the length of time an in-app message runs for?

Yes, you can set up the length of time an in-app message should be sent for. After that set time (in days) the message will expire and no longer be sent. We offer this to make sure you’re only delivering content that’s relevant and up to date.


How much does in-app messaging cost?

In-app messaging is included in all platform licenses. To get pricing information that is specific to your needs, please contact us at