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Keep customers ordering again and again with Kahuna

When marketing delights your users, they’ll want to keep coming back. Turn every mobile user into an engaged, high-value customers with a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. The Kahuna Customer Platform for food and delivery is designed specifically to increase mobile engagement and inspire brand loyalty.


Messages tailored to each user’s taste

When it comes to food, everyone has their own taste. Segment new mobile users and encourage them to register, or send special promotions to your long-time customers based on their location, preferences, and more.


Marketing catered to your users’ needs

Use In-Message Personalization to send push messages based on each user’s behavior, upcoming orders, and more. Implement Conversion Campaigns to find users who show intent to make an order, and automatically send them a push message that inspires them to complete their purchase.


Messages and orders that are always on time

When it comes to deliveries, timing is everything. SendOptimally™ uses advanced machine learning to deliver push notifications when each user is most likely to search or make an order using your app.


Analytics, without the baggage

Use Kahuna’s advanced Campaign Reporting to understand exactly how many bookings, registrations, and social shares result from each message you send, and see how these impact revenue. You’ll always know exactly how you’re performing.

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