Productivity & Education

Become your users' favorite daily habit

When marketing delights your users, they’ll want to come back again and again. Turn every mobile user into an engaged, high-value customer with a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. The Kahuna Platform for productivity and education is designed specifically to increase mobile engagement and inspire brand loyalty.


Turn first-timers into super users

Create onboarding journeys that educate your users or trigger messages that provide tips and tricks right when your users need them.


Show users your real value

Inspire paid subscriptions by engaging with users during their free trial and encouraging them to subscribe. Test which promo codes or messages inspire the most engagement.


Your app, delivered their way

Personalize experiences based on each user’s patterns of usage, favorite features, location, and more. Deliver messages when each user is most likely to engage with your app or site.


Finally understand your performance

Use Kahuna’s advanced Campaign Reporting to understand exactly how many purchases, registrations, and social shares result from each message you send, and see how these impact revenue. You’ll always know exactly how you’re performing.

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