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Great services have great marketing to go with them

When marketing delights your users, they’ll want to keep coming back. Turn every mobile user into an engaged, high-value customer with a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. The Kahuna Platform for social and gaming is designed to increase mobile engagement and inspire brand loyalty.


Truly understand your users

Kahuna provides a 360-degree profile of every user: what they’re interested in, how they use your service, and where and when they use it. With this information, you can target your marketing with absolute precision.


Messages that drive real results

Inspire your users to purchase upgrades and more by delivering the right message at exactly the right time. Use RevIQ to test multiple messages, and optimize for the copy and timing that works best.


Make your app or site a daily habit

With Intelligent Events and Event Triggers, your messages will always be delivered at the perfect time to keep users engaged, move them through the onboarding process, or inspire them to make a purchase.


Analytics that aren’t just a game

Use Kahuna’s advanced Campaign Reporting to understand exactly how many purchases, registrations, and social shares result from each message you send, and see how these impact revenue. You’ll always know exactly how you’re performing.

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