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What is Kahuna Locales?

Kahuna Locales is an advanced segmentation tool that allows you to use contextual data collected directly from the user’s device to localize content and optimize the experience.  Within one campaign, you can create an unlimited number of language or location-based segments.  Doing so allows you to drive extremely relevant, personalized experiences by tailoring your messaging to a customer’s native language or location.


What is the difference between localization and translation? Does Kahuna do both?

Localization is the adaptation of a product, service or messaging to meet the needs of a particular language, culture or desired population’s “look-and-feel.”  Translation, on the other hand, is the process of automatically changing the copy of your campaigns from one language to another.   
Locales, Kahuna’s localization feature, enables you to tailor the messaging you create to a particular location or language-based segment.  We collect the data directly from your customer’s devices, which then enables you create multiple messages in a campaign that are designed specifically for that segment. While the Kahuna platform natively supports all languages, it will not automatically translate messages that are delivered.


Does Kahuna optimization (for timing and message copy) work within location/language-based segments?

Absolutely. Kahuna will automatically optimize for timing and message copy (A-to-E testing) for each individual segment that is setup within a campaign. For example, if you set up three language-based segments within one campaign (english, spanish and all else) — in addition to the normal behavioral filters setup — Kahuna optimization will work within each segment, making sure the message copy and timing that is performing best for english speakers will be distributed at a higher rate, even if it’s not the performing best for spanish speakers.


Does Locales require any special programming language?

Unlike some competitive products, Kahuna’s Locales feature does not require any coding to create localized segments. An unlimited amount of location or language segments can be easily be selected for each campaign.


What campaign types and delivery channels is Locales available for?

Locales is available for all campaigns types in the Kahuna platform.


How much does Locales cost?

Locales is an included feature in all platform licenses.  To get pricing information that is specific to your needs, please contact us at info@kahuna.com.

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