Kahuna Marketplaces

Kahuna Marketplaces is a groundbreaking product for marketplace operators to use for seller enablement, buyer marketing, and marketplace health analytics.

Connecting buyers and sellers in your marketplace, examples of which are as diverse as meal delivery services to job listing services to classifieds, is no longer enough for marketplaces.

Buyer and seller churn, buyer conversion, and seller acquisition and onboarding are operations metrics that define successful marketplaces. Kahuna Marketplaces serves the needs of marketplace operators by giving them the tools to manage marketplace health while empowering sellers with services they require for successful growth within the marketplace ecosystem.

“Kahuna has helped us solve a major business problem by streamlining our onboarding process for new customers, ensuring that we can send them messages immediately and with relevant content they care about...and nothing else. We’ve been able to increase engagement, decrease the number of dormant users, and ultimately increase the volume of tickets purchased.”
Brett Goldberg, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, TickPick

Marketplace health, updated in real time

Critical to understanding the health of your marketplace is exposing health indicators that analyze and present a variety of data sources in one dashboard.

Buyer:Seller Metrics: The acquisition rate for new buyers and sellers is a focal point and we help you get to the right mix that drives overall marketplace growth. Root density is an example of buyer:seller mix, often viewed within a specific segment or region.

GMV Growth Rate: Depending on your marketplace type and inventory scale, Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) can be very difficult to understand, but Kahuna is able to calculate GMV accurately whether you have 5 or 500 million listings.

Conversion: Daily active users (DAU) and transaction volume are correlated and we give you the insights to measure growth from customers on their initial transaction and those that are repeat customers. What is unique about marketplaces is the focus on seller churn, those sellers that fail to onboard or fail after the initial transactions and leave the marketplace. Losing a seller has a multiplier.

Targeted problem-solving based on your marketplace’s needs

Buyer marketing, seller enablement, and marketplace health present challenges for marketplace platforms. Kahuna Marketplaces is engineered to provide you with prescriptive guidance for managing your marketplace go to market strategy. With our guided orchestrations, Kahuna helps focus a marketer’s efforts on the use cases that will move the needle in each of these key areas.

Focused use cases to tackle the issue at hand

Focused use cases are pre-built plays that focus on specific problem areas. Based on your use cases, Kahuna can pre-define orchestrated marketing actions, based on proven strategies that eliminate guesswork and deliver operational improvements that translate to your bottom line.

Whether it’s challenges related to buyer marketing, seller enablement, or marketplace health, Kahuna helps you focus on the exact issue at hand and prioritize your workflow accordingly.




Detailed workflow of your use cases

Trying to engage sellers and buyers can be difficult, whether it be for onboarding, engagement, or conversions. The Kahuna orchestration tool makes delivering complex campaigns that solve specific use cases easy to develop and valuable out of the box.

Here, Kahuna develops the marketer’s new seller onboarding workflow specific to how the marketer wants it.

Extremely personalized messages that increase buyer/seller engagement and conversions

Once you’ve set up your workflow, you must ensure that messages you send to users are optimized in every way possible. With Kahuna’s deep machine learning and full suite of optimization tools, we ensure that every message is extremely personalized at the individual level. Here are some of our optimizations:

SendOptimally: Kahuna determines which combination of time/day & channel is most impactful for each individual consumer, based on their actual engagement patterns with your marketplace and their likelihood to convert on key KPIs, not just based on opens & clicks. (This is a far cry from what other vendors call “Send Time Optimization”).

Conversion Time Optimization: When a buyer abandons their cart, it’s critical that they receive a nudge to reel them back in. Kahuna determines the optimal time window to send a message to each buyer to optimize organic conversion without losing a sale.

Cross-Channel Optimization: Kahuna measures historical response rates of users across available engagement channels and based on the highest predicted engagement rate will choose the optimal channel to deliver your message.

Message Variant Optimization: Forget A/B testing, manually sending messages, waiting to see performance, making adjustments, and then sending out the rest of your messages. Kahuna automatically detects which of 5 variants is driving key marketplace KPIs, always favoring and sending the best-performing variant, even if it changes over time.

Kahuna Subject Line: Kahuna leverages billions of past email subject lines to provide real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your subject line, before you hit “send.” As you type, Kahuna informs you about the likelihood that your email will be opened. Kahuna Subject Line is a complete product that has been pre-integrated with Kahuna Marketplaces. Learn more here.