Kahuna Mobile Engagement

Mobile First and Why That Matters

Kahuna was founded to harness the proliferation and increasing power of mobile devices. We have focused on mobile engagement for buyer marketing and seller management in demanding e-commerce environments.

Unique Device ID

Unique Device Identification

Kahuna assigns and collects behavioral information from devices not associated with user profiles. We rely on an architectural principle that a mobile device is an autonomous data entity independent of the user profile. This approach generates rich behavioral history which does not depend on a known user profile to act upon, for example, a web push sent to a known device on a high-value asset.

The ability to instantly associate behavioral data with a new user profile results in higher engagement and a truncated onboarding journey at the point which a user converts and merges with rich device history data.


Profiles are independent of device IDs however the ability to merge and manage multiple device IDs with a known user profile provides strategic advantages that work in concert to achieve higher engagement.

User behavior is device, time, and channel specific. Kahuna rapidly processes in real-time messaging effectiveness and channel preferences to deliver the right action – message, prompt, or user-defined – to the right device at the right time.


Assess and Execute

Assess and Execute

The platform advantage that Kahuna enjoys is driven by a unique understanding of mobility and B2C marketing automation. Users are dynamic and user behavior fits within time, device, location, and context dimensions. All of which the Kahuna platform captures and processes in real-time, with over one billion devices and actions captured.

This powerful architecture is the underpinnings of a sophisticated analytics and machine-learning engine that drives segmentation, personalization, and messaging capabilities.

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Learn how Kahuna helped classifieds site Listia improve its mobile engagement and achieve a 50% increase in items listed and bids.

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