Kahuna Partners

Kahuna integrates with leading technology providers to optimize your marketplace platform.

Oracle Marketing Cloud (formerly, Responsys) serves marketers with its data-driven solutions to create engagement, orchestrate experiences, connect data, and optimize online interactions that attract and retain ideal customers.

Oracle Marketing Cloud users leverage Kahuna’s AI-powered optimizations to seamlessly send emails that are highly contextual and personalized at the individual level, resulting in increased click-through and conversion rates.

Launched in 2009, SendGrid is an industry-disrupting, cloud-based email service that helps both growing and established companies to deliver emails with ease by removing common challenges of reliability and scalability from the equation.

Kahuna’s AI-powered personalization optimizations seamlessly integrate with SendGrid, enabling marketers to not only send emails with confidence, but send them knowing they’ll achieve the highest possible engagement. Read more about the partnership on SendGrid’s site here.

Founded in 2008, Magento empowers thousands of marketplace brands with its modern e-commerce platform and flexible cloud solutions, giving both merchants and developers a full suite of tools needed to build a thriving online business.

Kahuna integrates with Magento to help marketplace operators boost conversion rates and repeat purchases. Read more about the partnership on Magento’s site here.

McFadyen Digital is a global digital commerce agency with a 30-year history of innovation for more than 250 of the world’s top brands. By using a hybrid onsite/offshore model, McFadyen digital clients acquire the highest quality development work at a low-cost price tag.

McFadyen Digital and Kahuna have joined forces to help build world-class marketplaces that provide all the functionality a marketer needs.

BounceX has been the industry leader since 2002 in cloud-based behavioral and analytics software. Their solution enables marketers to identify and develop comprehensive profiles of unknown users.

Together, Kahuna and BounceX enable marketplaces to identify anonymous users, convert them to known prospects and engage them to become customers.

Since 2002, Besedo has partnered with online marketplaces of all sizes across the globe to help them create user trust, better quality content, and a better user experience in the digital world. To achieve this, Besedo uses a combination of AI moderation, automated filters, and human moderation.

Besedo and Kahuna technology complement each other, creating stronger user engagement and a higher-quality personalized experience that converts.