Kahuna RevIQ FAQs

Everything you need to know

What is RevIQ?

RevIQ is a message optimization technology that uses machine learning to maximize the success of each campaign. By applying machine learning to the real-time behavioral analytics Kahuna collects, RevIQ can identify and select the message content and timing that is most likely to elicit the best response from your customers.


How does RevIQ work?

Kahuna employs a multi-armed bandit testing approach to power RevIQ. It simultaneously tests the impact of multiple variables on the overall success of a campaign. The Kahuna platform understands in real-time which variant is performing best and will automatically adjust message distribution to ensure the best combination (timing and content) is delivered to the highest number of customers.  

For example, if you are running an A/B test with two content variants, Kahuna will start testing each variant equally. As it sees one variant start to perform better (e.g., higher conversion rate, higher engagement, fewer opt outs/uninstalls), it will automatically start sending more of the better performing variant as more users qualify for the campaign, without any intervention from you.  It will keep testing both to ensure statistical significance, but the variant that performs best will be delivered at much higher rates. This ensures that your test is accurate and fast, while also preventing the vast majority of your customers from getting a sub-optimal message.


What data does RevIQ use to make its decision on best delay time or best message variant?

In order to determine which message copy or timing is performing best, RevIQ factors in the conversion rate for the primary goal set on the campaign (e.g., purchase, favorite, view etc).  It does this by looking at your campaign audience in aggregate and seeing which message variant is performing best.  If no goal is set, RevIQ will default to using engagement as the success indicator.  RevIQ also looks at the rate of negative responses.  For example, if two variants you are testing have the same conversion rate, Kahuna will automatically prioritize the message variant with the lowest rate of opt outs and uninstalls.


What channels does RevIQ work for?

RevIQ works for all of Kahuna’s direct engagement channels including push, email, in-app, and web messaging.  It can not be used with Facebook custom audience campaigns because we can not collect real-time response data.


What aspects of my campaign can be optimized with RevIQ?

RevIQ applies machine learning to optimize for timing and content, ensuring a majority of your customers are getting the best message at the best time.


For timing, RevIQ will test multiple time intervals after one event is completed but the next is not (as set up by you).  For example, if a customer adds to cart but does not complete checkout, RevIQ — based on your selection of minutes, hours or days — will test various delay times to see what performs best.  
For content, Kahuna automates A to E testing, meaning that it will looks at what message copy is driving the highest goal achievement and send more of that variant to customers who subsequently qualify for the campaign.


What is delay time?

Delay time is the period of time that Kahuna waits to send a message after a user completes one action, but does not complete a second action. The event triggers are set by you, and can be applied to any actions that your customers can take within your website or application. Kahuna optimizes so that 98% of people who will organically complete that second action will not receive a message.  After that period is determined by the platform, Kahuna will test various delay time intervals (e.g., 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes etc.) to see which drives the highest conversion.


Can I use other customer events, beyond cart abandonment, to trigger conversion campaigns?

Yes, Kahuna Conversion campaigns can be applied to any two events that Kahuna records from your website or application.  While a common use case for retail and travel companies is adds to cart but does not complete checkout, Kahuna can apply its delay time optimization to any combination of events. For example, you can set up a message to be triggered when a customer searches for a hotel, but does not view a hotel detail page.


What is A To E testing?

A to E testing is Kahuna’s approach to A/B message tests.  We allow you to create five different variations of campaign messages (e.g., copy, visuals, subject lines, etc.), plus a control group, and use RevIQ to automatically determine which variant is producing the best results. Automated A to E testing drastically reduces the time it takes to test and iterate on campaigns by applying learnings in real time to optimize the distribution of messages sent towards the content that is garnering the highest goal achievement rate.


Can RevIQ and SendOptimally be used at the same time?

Yes, SendOptimally and RevIQ content optimization can be used at the same time in Lifecycle, One Time and Adaptive campaigns.  For Conversion campaigns, SendOptimally is not used because Kahuna is optimizing for the ideal follow-up timing rather than ideal time overall.


How long does it take for RevIQ to choose a winning message?

RevIQ works in real-time. As soon as you start sending messages, the system will go to work determining which variant (time and/or content) is performing best.  The bigger your campaign audience is, the faster RevIQ will be able to determine a definitive winner.  Remember: RevIQ will continue to test all variants at extremely low rates to ensure that any changes in customer behavior are accounted for. For example, if one message variants that previously had poor performance (relative to other message variants) starts to generate better results, Kahuna will automatically increase the distribution of that message.


What results can I expect to see with RevIQ?

Based on an aggregate review of Kahuna customers’ campaign results, we see that campaigns with RevIQ generate an 5x+ engagement uplift over campaigns delivered without it.


How much does RevIQ cost?

RevIQ is included in the Kahuna platform at no additional charge. We know how critical message optimization is to the success of your campaigns, so we have always included it as an out of the box feature.
To get pricing information that is specific to your needs, please contact us at info@kahuna.com.