Kahuna SendOptimally FAQs

Everything you need to know

What is SendOptimally?

SendOptimally is a message optimization tool that analyzes individual customer behavior patterns to determine the best time and device on which to send a message. It tailors message delivery for each individual, ensuring that users receive messages when and where they’re most likely to engage with them.


How does SendOptimally work?

SendOptimally uses real-time observation of cross-channel behavior to automatically deliver a message when (time) and where (device) a customer is most likely to engage.  By tracking each customer’s unique interaction history across all digital touchpoints and unifying it in an individual personal profile, Kahuna understands the specific time of day that each user prefers to engage with your brand. Kahuna updates each user’s preferred time-to-contact based on their ongoing behavior to ensure the ideal message delivery time, every time.


What is SendOptimally optimizing for?

SendOptimally is optimizing for customer engagement and goal achievement by selecting the best time and device for message delivery. For each campaign, SendOptimally determines where a user is most likely to engage and complete the set goal.  For example, if you are trying to drive hotel bookings, SendOptimally will automatically deliver your message at the time and on the device where a booking is most likely to occur. It uses data to predict customer behavior and delivers messages in a way that will maximize campaign results.


Can SendOptimally and RevIQ be used at the same time?

Yes, SendOptimally and RevIQ can be used at the same time in Conversion, Lifecycle, One Time and Adaptive campaigns.  For Trigger campaigns, when a message is triggered on the completion of a specific action, SendOptimally is not used due to the immediate nature of message delivery.  For all campaign types, if you choose the immediate, within minutes, or within an hour send timing, SendOptimally will not be used.


Will SendOptimally prevent me from sending messages immediately, if needed?

No, SendOptimally will not prevent you from sending out messages immediately if needed. Within all campaign types, you are given the option to send out a campaign immediately, which will not account for the optimal send time.


Can I still select a start time for campaigns that use SendOptimally?

Yes, for Lifecycle and One Time campaigns, you can set a defined start time for your campaign (time & day).  Conversion and Adaptive campaigns will start automatically depending on when your customers meet the event characteristics (e.g., added to cart but did not complete checkout).


Can SendOptimally be applied to a specific time window (e.g., 1 hour, 1 day)?

Yes, SendOptimally will work on any time window set that is greater than one hour.  For example, if you select SendOptimally for a four hour delivery window, Kahuna will automatically look for the best time within that window for each individual user.


What results can I expect to see with SendOptimally?

Based on an analysis of all Kahuna campaigns sent with SendOptimally, we have determined that, on average, Kahuna customers can expect a 5x increase in engagement over unoptimized campaigns.


How much does SendOptimally cost?

SendOptimally is included in the Kahuna platform at no additional charge. We know how critical individual time-based optimization is to the success of your campaigns, so we have always included it as an out of the box feature for Kahuna customers.
To get pricing information that is specific to your needs, please contact us at info@kahuna.com.