Subject Lines Drive Open Rates


Email marketing is about seconds. The difference between an email getting opened or ignored is seconds and all marketing teams struggle with this fact.

Kahuna Subject Line is an industry-trained AI subject line optimization solution to craft the right email subject for your audience. Email subject lines that are proven to work without giving away any control over your brand tone and voice.


On average, 51% of readers spend less than 2 seconds looking at your emails



Email Subject Line Optimization

Marketing is science and Kahuna is your lab

Machine learning in marketing is a hotbed of innovation. The marketing technology stack produces streams of data and the ability to analyze data. Marketing is about continuous improvements that create competitive advantages. The ability to analyze data to determine the right message at the right time to the right target sets machines apart from anything humans can do. Kahuna Subject Line harnesses this incredible power in real time to deliver immediate results.

Machines are writing (better) content

The advanced Kahuna platform gives your team the ability to produce higher performing email subjects by continuously analyzing words, urgency, and tone on the basis of industry data and your own brand data. Continuous improvements in wording are proven to have outsized effects on open rate performance.


64% of marketers believe optimized message targeting and real-time personalized advertising insertions are key areas where machines will deliver business benefits by 2020


Source: IDC

Your brand is YOUR brand

A recent IDC report on machine learning in marketing technology found that #1 one concern among marketing teams was losing the ability to control brand and design. Machine learning systems that generalize brand tone-and-voice across an industry fail to recognize that brands are unique and it’s that uniqueness that is an integral part of the marketing mix.

Kahuna Subject Line trains on industry data and your own open rate stats to learn how YOUR customers engage YOUR brand.

Speed is what you need

Real-time performance in your marketing stack is no longer a nice-to-have. Kahuna Subject Line gives you unrivaled ability to tune your email subjects right up to the point of hitting send. Kahuna Subject Line is available to everyone on your team who is writing content and as they type and what this means is that your team is tuning the content right up to the point it is leaving the building!

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