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Kahuna triples performance metrics while removing the guesswork from your marketing messaging efforts

Stop messaging haphazardly. It’s time to listen to your customers and give them the experience they deserve. Kahuna is the most intelligent and adaptable marketing automation platform that optimizes your messaging campaigns based on the real-time actions & behaviors of your customers, ensuring that every message they receive automatically caters to their unique individual preferences for content, send time, and channel. With Kahuna, every message is relevant and timely—never spammy.

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Better Results with Kahuna + Responsys

Audience Segments Without SQL

Campaign creation shouldn’t require you to wear a marketing hat and a technical hat just to segment your audience. Kahuna’s automated platform utilizes intuitive logic to build out granular, complex audience segments with just a few clicks, removing any tedious technical challenges from your messaging efforts. Marketers have noted a 760% increase in email revenue with segmented campaigns.1

Break Down Silos with Real-Time Optimization

Kahuna’s platform was architected from the ground up to understand the individual consumer on a granular level. By collecting data across multiple channels and devices, Kahuna creates a universal profile for each consumer, thereby preventing a disjointed customer experience.

To Message, Or Not to Message

Not only can Kahuna deliver the message variant that will lead to the highest conversion, but it can do so at the individual’s preferred time. The best part is that Kahuna is built with the ability to only message consumers who are more likely to not convert organically on their own. Here, you refrain from over-messaging and from messaging those who have already converted, enabling your brand to maintain the utmost standards of a high-quality customer experience.

“Kahuna allows us to easily target our communications very specifically based on individual user habits, resulting in a higher click and conversion rate. We're able to show only relevant content to each individual user and send it at the time when they're ready to receive it.”
Kevin Hansen, Lead Marketing Manager @ Scondoo
Gaston Irigoyen
“We’ve been able to drill down to the individual user’s dining history and preferences to serve each person content they care about and serve it to them when they’re most likely to take advantage of it.”
Gaston Irigoyen, CMO @ Restorando
“With Kahuna, we’ve been able to increase engagement, decrease the number of dormant users, and ultimately increase the volume of tickets purchased.”
Brett Goldberg, Co-CEO & Co-Founder @ TickPick

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