AI-Powered Email Subject Line Optimization

Eliminate the guesswork associated with writing email subject lines. Leverage data collected from billions of messages to improve your email performance.


The number of emails per day that the average consumer receives.

47 %

The percentage of consumers who decide whether to open an email based solely on the subject line.

19 %

The new average low for open rates.

Volume and relevancy are your only email levers and, in most companies, limiting the number of emails won’t happen. That leaves subject line as your best way to impact performance.

The Solution: Optimize Your Email Subject Lines

Kahuna’s Subject Line Optimization uses data collected from billions of messages to automatically determine which words to use in your email subject lines to achieve the highest possible open rate.

Kahuna scores words as you type and suggests alternatives that will produce better results. Kahuna’s machine learning engine becomes smarter as you send more messages over time and will deliver the most intelligent word choices to achieve the highest engagement among your unique consumer base.