Mobile Marketing Automation

Kahuna provides intelligent marketing automation for the mobile era, so marketers can let the platform do the work.


Make great customer experiences. Pocket protector not required.

Kahuna allows you to create cohesive, automated marketing campaigns across channels—fully integrated, with no spreadsheets, data analysis or engineering work required. It’s mobile marketing automation at its best.


Target the right people with the right message.

Kahuna gives you maximum flexibility to create highly specific, highly targeted user segments as you go. Define your own demographics or run campaigns to key user groups. Even target based on users’ favorite content, products, brands, and more. Put your finger on the pulse of your audience at any given moment.

Real-time Personalization


Craft messaging that’s personal.

Every customer is unique, and your marketing should be too. Send a perfectly personalized message—via push notifications, in-app messages, email, or social ads—that’s guaranteed to delight your users.

Geo Targeting


Personalized marketing on a global scale.

Say goodbye to spamming! Kahuna uses contextual data to enable location-based segmentation, elevating geo-targeting from a generic interruption to a personalized, relevant experience.
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Language Customization


Speak your customer’s language.

Communicate more effectively with your customers by crafting messages in their preferred language. Simply select the languages you’d like to target, create your messages, and hit send. It’s localized marketing on a global scale.


Automatic integration in no time flat.

With a single click, your company can automatically integrate Kahuna’s mobile marketing automation platform into your app, mobile website, or website. All the functionality of a complex integration, none of the work, in seconds.

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