Kahuna helps you optimize your mobile engagement and revenue through intelligent automation, machine learning, and a robust testing framework.

A-to-E Testing


A/B Testing. Now with C, D, and E.

Kahuna makes message testing simple, immediate, and effective. Test up to five different notifications at the same time to discover which messages are the most effective. Everything is measured and displayed in easy to understand visuals, helping you craft smarter and more powerful messages.

Send Optimally™


Context is everything.

With Kahuna, you can smartly reach your customers based on advanced location tracking and geo-fencing. Even better, Kahuna Send Optimally™ analyzes your customers’ individual habits to determine the best time to send them a notification.




Hello, Revenue. Goodbye, Guesswork.

Mobile marketing just got even smarter with RevIQ™. Kahuna eliminates all the guesswork and heavy lifting, using artificial intelligence to automatically select and send the ideal message at the optimal time to maximize mobile purchases.

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