How Artificial Intelligence is transforming eCommerce marketing – A CXO Talk Video Interview

We spent the hour discussing artificial intelligence and machine learning and how they’re transforming consumer engagement and B2C marketing automation. Thanks to recent advancements in machine learning, and the ability to process consumer behavior and activity in real time, we can now offer more & more relevant information and products and therefore scale personalization to millions and millions of individuals within seconds, treating them how they want to be treated—as an audience of one. Whether it’s Amazon making super relevant recommendations or Uber being able to predict demand and supply at just at the right time, modern marketers are re-casting customer engagement and commerce entirely. This is how leading internet brands operate—and this is at the heart of what Kahuna’s cross-channel marketing automation platform does for some of the most modern and successful digital brands, such as HotelTonight, GoPro, Yelp, Dollar Shave Club, and more.