Kahuna Powers New England Patriots Apple Watch App to Bring NFL Draft Picks and Trades to Your Wrist

Kahuna Powers New England Patriots Apple Watch App to Bring NFL Draft Picks and Trades to Your Wrist

Paired with Adept Mobile, Kahuna offers best-in-class experience for sports fans across devices, now on Apple Watch

(Palo Alto, Calif. – Wednesday, April 29, 2015) – Today Kahuna, the leading marketing automation solution for mobile, announced they will be powering the official New England Patriots app for Apple Watch , giving fans real-time updates right on their wrist during every game and the entire NFL draft. Kahuna powers seamless mobile messaging, and is working with sports franchises like the San Francisco 49ers and Boston Celtics to bring its personalized user messaging to the Apple Watch, starting with the 2015 NFL draft on behalf of the Patriots.
“Sports fans want updates constantly, but pulling a phone out of your pocket every 30 seconds isn’t an effective way to stay connected,” said Adam Marchick, CEO of Kahuna. “The Draft is the perfect example of a time that the Apple Watch lets us focus on living our lives without being tied to our phones, while still intelligently delivering updates so fans don’t miss a thing.”Built by Adept Mobile , and powered by Kahuna, the Patriots app demonstrates how brands are leveraging Apple Watch notifications to improve the user experience. Sports fans are a unique breed, and the Patriots have tailored the app to specifically address the needs of its fans and deliver customer delight.To provide the ultimate fan experience the new Patriots Apple Watch app will:

  • Give fans instant access to all of the latest news, media and in-depth details
  • Notify fans as the Patriots make their draft selections and trades
  • Offer details on the Draft order, players selected, and short player bios

“We specialize in creating beautiful and engaging apps for sports fans, and the Apple Watch offers us another platform to interact with them in a new way,” said Gabriel Smallman, President of Adept Mobile. “Sports teams don’t exist without a loyal fanbase, and Kahuna takes a holistic approach to messaging them. We trust its sophisticated behavioral targeting to put the right message at the right time to the right fan.”

Known for their record number of calculated draft-day trades, the Apple Watch app will be the best resource for any Patriots fan to keep up with the team.

To learn more about Kahuna, please visit www.kahuna.com, or visit the iTunes store to download the Patriots app for Apple Watch.

About Kahuna

Kahuna is a mobile marketing automation company dedicated to fostering user delight and driving engagement and revenue through mobile. Kahuna helps companies understand and intelligently communicate with customers wherever they are: email, mobile web, apps, and social networks. We believe there is magic in delivering the right message to the right customer at just the right time.
Kahuna is trusted by The Weather Channel, Overstock.com, Rdio, and hundreds of others. The company was founded in 2012 and is funded by Sequoia Capital and SoftTech VC.