The Future of Marketing Will Be Personalized, but Few Are Prepared

Kahuna-commissioned whitepaper reports on CMO priorities and their readiness to deliver on that future

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.– December 17, 2015 —Although an overwhelming number of top marketers are betting on the future of personalized marketing, less than ten percent say they have the tools to do it. That’s one of several findings in “The Future Will Be Personalized,” a whitepaper produced by The Ascendant Network and commissioned by Kahuna, the leader in communication automation. The Ascendant—a network of top marketing professionals—also found that while 100 percent of the marketers they interviewed are committed to omnichannel engagement with their customers, only six percent are implementing omnichannel today. [To download a copy of the paper, go here.].

In an onstage discussion with Kahuna CEO Adam Marchick at a recent Ascendant event, whitepaper author David Cooperstein looked at the widening omnichannel capabilities gap among marketers today.

“It reminds us of the famous William Gibson quote: ‘the future is here—it’s just not widely distributed yet’,” said Cooperstein. “Marketers who have the tech and know-how to personalize their communications effectively across channels in ways that engage customers will have an extraordinary competitive advantage in the coming years.”

The whitepaper examines a wide range of issues facing CMOs today, including technology readiness, budgeting and organizational challenges. With CMOs now commanding more of their company’s technology budgets than IT, marketing technology decisions will have a greater impact on the success — or failure — of brands of all sizes.

“It’s a pivotal time for marketers, and those that are tech-savvy will make their companies more relevant than ever,” said Julie Ginches, CMO of Kahuna. “To succeed, they will need to rethink their efforts to deliver 1:1 marketing, not just to keep up but stay ahead of the trends. With our whitepaper series and other offerings, we hope to give them the tools to do that.”

About Kahuna

Kahuna is a pioneer in communication automation, dedicated to empowering businesses to grow and thrive in the mobile era. We enable a new level of authentic engagement between brands and their customers wherever they are—the web, email, mobile, social channels—through personalized communication at scale. Powered by big data and machine learning, we help create delightful experiences for every customer with the perfect message, delivered on the right channel, at just the right time.

Kahuna is trusted by Yelp,, The Weather Channel, and hundreds of other leading brands. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and with offices in New York, Kahuna was founded in 2012 and is funded by Sequoia Capital, SoftTech VC, Tenaya Capital, and others.